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Step of Midori Ward

Last update date January 11, 2019

Step of Midori Ward
The name of an eraMONMatter
1939April・One town 4 village of Tsuzuki county equal to Midori Ward at the time of start (in Kawawa-cho, Sannaimura Satomura, Tana village, Niihari village) is incorporated into Yokohama-shi by the sixth city limits expansion of Yokohama-shi. It becomes a part of the Kohoku Ward (a population of 23,139 people)
1940January・Kohoku Ward government office Kawawa branch office setting
1941April・Japanese National Railways Yokohama Line becomes the whole line train driving
1951April・Yamauchi district office (June, 2010 setting) becomes branch office
1962December・The Kamoi Station opening of business
1964April・Kawawa branch office becomes branch
August・Tokyo Numazu Line (Route 246) opening
1966April・We are opened to Tokyu Denentoshi Line Nagatsuta Station
1967April・Kodomonokuni Line opening
1969May・The Tomei Expressway entire surface opening
October・We do share ward from Kohoku Ward, and Midori Ward is born. We start duties in ward government building of Kawawa-cho.
(a population of 123,262 people, 77.60 square kilometers in area)
1972April・Current Midori Ward general government building completion, duties start
May・Green public hall is open
July・Midori fire department establishment
September・"Takeyama 1-4 chome" is born
November・Forest of sanhoshimin is opened
1973April・"Ibukino" is born
・Green police department establishment
・A population of 200,000 people breakthrough
1978October・Becoming finishes double track between Yokohama Line Kozukue - Nakayama
1979April・To Yokohama Line Tokaichiba Station opening of business, Yokohama Line Nagatsuta Station double track
October・Ceremony holding of the tenth anniversary of the constituency system
1981March・"1, Kirigaoka - 6" is born
June・A population of 300,000 people breakthrough
December・Yokohama 21st century plan Midori Ward distinction plan development
1982April・The Nagatsuta district center opening
July・We carry out house indication around Nagatsuta Station and become "1, Nagatsuta - 7".
1983March・Nakayama Station Hashigami station building is completed, and opening ceremony is held.
1985November・Hashigami deck "love Neil nakayama '85" is completed at Nakayama Station
1986February・The green sports center opening
May・The Tokaichiba district center opening
July・Nagasaka sports land beginning to use
November・We abolish Yamauchi branch and open the northern part of Midori Ward government office branch
1987September・A population of 400,000 people breakthrough
1988January・The Hakusan district center opening
March・Become plural JR Yokohama Line whole line line, high speed startup
April・It is held in play vent festival MIDORI '88 of the 20th anniversary of the municipal administration 100th anniversary, the administration of a ward
・Forest Park of the prefectural four seasons is opened
1989February・The Tokaichiba district land readjustment business completion
April・Yamashita area interchange center is opened in Yamashita Elementary School branch school ruins
July・Emblem establishment of Midori Ward
September・Ceremony holding of the 20th anniversary of the administration of a ward
1990May・Forest Park of the prefectural four seasons is opened entirely
1991August・It is opened child log house "drill native land" by Kirigaoka park
October・Kawawa post office moves to Nakayama-machi and we work as green post office and start
1992May・Council for Yokohama-shi administrative section reorganization reports in division into four plan of Midori Ward, Kohoku Ward
1993April・Higashihongo Elementary School, Ibukino Elementary School community school establishment
July・Nagatsuta Station service counter in the city hall duties start
1994November・Midori Ward birth that is new by conduct of administrative section reorganization
(a population of 149,319 people, 25.42 square kilometers in area)
・Flower "silane" of ward, it is established tree "maple" of ward
・The fresh green engineering works office open
December・yumehama 2010 plan Midori Ward plan decision
1995April・We appoint elementary and junior high school in ward in evacuation shelter (21)
May・"Midori Library" of "Tokaichiba community care plaza" and "welfare center for the old Midori, Yokohama-shi faintly so" compound facility establishment
・Nagatsuta community care plaza establishment
July・Emergency clinics is open in Nakayama-machi on Midori Ward holiday
1996October・Design establishment of flower of tree, ward of ward
1997October・Ward noutano establishment
1998July・Kamoi Station Hashigami station building
December・The compound facility "harmony green" of Nakayama district center, Midori Ward Council of Social Welfare, Nakayama community care center opening
1999April・Yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA opening of the park
May・Kitahassaku Park opening of the park
June・Northern building office establishment (Tsuzuki Ward  )
October・Festival holding of the 30th anniversary of the administration of a ward
2000March・Shinji Shimin-no-Mori opening of the park
・"Kodomonokuni Line" commuting line
November・Higashihongo community care plaza establishment
2001April・We abolish Nagasaka sports land, and Nagasakadani Park is opened
June・City planning road "Kirigaoka Nagatsuta Line" opening
September・Stand elementary school community house establishment of forest
October・We carry out house indication in Kamiyamacho and become "Ueyama 1-3 chome"
2002January・We integrate public health center with ward office Welfare Division and install Health and Welfare Center
March・Nagasakadani Park is opened entirely
April・The municipal northern part funeral hall establishment
December・We devise city planning master plan, Midori Ward plan "Midori Ward town development plan"
2003October・Kamoike Ohashi is opened
2004April・The Yamashita Midoridai Elementary School opening of a school, Yamashita Midoridai Elementary School community house establishment
・Municipal nursery school is admitted into ward office
June・The Midori Ward government office "ISO14001 certification" acquisition
September・It is started "after school kids club" in Nagatsuta Elementary School
October・Establishment that place to stay of green native parent and child "is corrupted" into
2005January・"1, Nagatsutaminamidai - 7" is born
April・Engineering works office is admitted into ward office
・"Kamoi original Shimin-no-Mori" opening of the park
2006January・Local action home "blue sky", it is life support center open
March・Midori Ward social movement support center open
April・The Kirigaoka first, the second, the third elementary schools are unified by Kirigaoka Elementary School
2007November・Kamoi community care plaza open
2008March・Municipal subway Green Line opening
・Kamoi Kamiiida Line opening
April・Kirigaoka compound facility "village of fog" open
September・The Yokohama Line opening 100th anniversary
October・Midori Ward character "midorin" birth (the name is decided in January in the next year)
2009February・"Dream green 50 plan" decision that children draw Midori Ward of the 50th anniversary of the constituency system and come true
March・Niiharu Satoyama Park opening of the park
July・Y150 hillside area "forest of connection" holding of the 150th anniversary of the Yokohama opening of a port
October・The Midori Ward system 40th anniversary
December・The magazine "key point of Midori Ward" release of the 40th anniversary of the Midori Ward system
2010March・"Future forest to make together" tree-planting ceremony is held in Genkaida Park
・Yamashita Nagatsuta Line "Shirokamo Tunnel" opening
2011April・The community-based welfare health planning "midorinowa, support love plan" second plan start
2012March・We move to Midori fire department Nagatsuta firefighting branch office, new government building
April・Niiharu Satoyama Park Tando, Asahi open space, opening of the park
May・"Want to see! Want to know! Gold ring eclipse-related event holding
December・Kamoi Station event holding of the 50th anniversary
2013April・ZOORASIA "savanna of Africa" some opening
July・"Fresh green direct sale place sara" is open in ward office
October・The citizen of Midori Ward Cultural Center "green art park" opening
2014June・Medium Yamakita Yamada Line, full-scale opening

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