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Origin of the place name

Last update date January 11, 2019

All the text of "Midori Ward ward name and Ayumi" reprinted "the place name of Yokohama" which City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau General Affairs Department house indication section (the existing Civic Affairs Bureau Counter Service Division) issued in December, 1996. Time of 10 several years passes after issuance, and there is point that is unsuitable for the current situation, but, concerning copyright, as for the text, it is to thing at the time of issuance. About commentaries of the current situation and phrase, we list after the text of each item. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Midori Ward divided Kohoku Ward by administrative section reorganization of October 1, 1969 and founded, but, by administrative section reorganization of November 6, 1994, we did some areas with Aoba Ward, Tsuzuki Ward  , and it was in current area. The ward name chose from Midori Ward, Kita-ku, Kawawa ward, Tsuzuki Ward  , Aoba Ward by general open call for participants and was decided with request to want to save green beautifully. It becomes the slim topography to east and west to go along the Onda River of the Tsurumi River and the branch located at the northwestern part of Yokohama-shi. Forest material of sanho, Shinji district near central part of Midori Ward is the largest in Yokohama-shi. Ratio (green coverage ratio) among the areas of the Midori Ward is the inside, the first place in 18 wards in about 52% green, farmland of the forest and park. Daisen Highway and Nakahara Highway, Hachioji Highway were common to the Edo era, but were farm belt for the whole area. Tokyu Denentoshi Line was opened in Yokohama railroad (existing Yokohama Line), 1966 in 1908. Land readjustment business and public housing complex development became active, and residential area spread out around Yokohama Line 4 station, and becoming went ahead through city from the 30, Showa generation. Midori Ward raises "town which is blessed with nature that the town of contact to dance is full of komorebi, and lives lively, and can gather" as aim of town development. And we push forward "corridor plan of green and water" to bind base that kept resources of nature such as green and water in ward alive together in corridor. Name of a street of Midori Ward has many things in connection with Kitahassakucho, Nishihassakucho, old historic name of a street including Tookaichiba-cho. In addition, we touch name of a street to be associated with plant like Kirigaoka, Takeyama like accompanied name of a street and Ibukino of "hill" and "mountain" in the town which we established by the enforcement newly of land readjustment project. It is Takeyama 3 (0.094 square kilometers) that area is the narrowest in Nagatsuta-cho (4.305 square kilometers) in area being the largest in the town of Midori Ward.

※Current green coverage ratio: 44. 3% (2004)
※New catch phrase: Midori Ward of all to join together to the future ※Current area: Is the widest, and is the smallest Nagatsuta-cho (3.41 square kilometers)/; the point of Takeyama 3 (0.094 square kilometers) 2005 national census

※The order of the kana syllabary

The western part

1, Nagatsuta - 7

The central part

1, Kirigaoka - 6
Stand of forest

The eastern part

1, Kamoi - 7
Takeyama 1 - 4
1, Hakusan - 4
1, Higashihongo - 6

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