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Midori Ward now and the bygone days photo exhibition (finished) of the 50th anniversary of the Midori Ward system

Last update date June 3, 2020

Midori Ward reaches the constituency system 50th anniversary in October, 2019.
We had you offer photograph which conveyed old scenery and state of Midori Ward from inhabitants of a ward.
Furthermore, we add photograph which city, ward office and Midori Library possess and hold now and the bygone days photo exhibition that compared past and present.
You match state at the time with the present and look back, and please enjoy charm of Midori Ward.

[old photograph]

1983 former Nakayama Station

Former Nakayama station building (1983)

2018 Nakayama Station

Current Nakayama Station (2018)

[the display venue details]
Display venue Display period Display area
Green Line Nakayama Station event space From Friday, January 11 to 24th Thursday All areas
Tokaichiba district center From Tuesday, January 29 to Tuesday, February 12 Tokaichiba area
Hakusan district center From Friday, February 1 to 17th Sunday Kamoi area
Nakayama district center From Friday, March 1 to 17th Sunday Medium Yamakita area
In front of Midori Ward government office elevator From Monday, March 4 to 15th Friday Nakayamaminami area
Hall before Midori Library From Tuesday, March 12 to 25th Monday Tokaichiba area
Nagatsuta district center From Wednesday, March 13 to 27th Wednesday Nagatsuta area
Midori Ward government office event space From Monday, April 15 to 26th Friday All areas

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