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Business executive committee (the end) of the 50th anniversary of the Midori Ward system

Representatives such as each alliance Neighborhood Association and regional society, company concerned gathered on carrying out commemorative projects of the 50th anniversary of the constituency system and organized business executive committee of the 50th anniversary of the Midori Ward system. We considered about support to event to celebrate the 50th anniversary and business to be carried out in ceremony, sale of commemorative goods, each area and carried out.

Last update date September 28, 2020

Way of thinking (message from executive committee) for business operation

Midori Ward reaches the 50th anniversary in October, 2019.

For these 50 years again from front of it,
All people who gathered on this ground were surrounded by rich nature,
Towards town which security, relief, comfortable living can enjoy,
We continued town development.

To important knot of the 50th anniversary,
We look back on past step and share trouble,
We celebrate the 50th anniversary with all people.

And to tie this town in the next generation to carry the future,
We think about what you can leave some other time together what is made,
Furthermore, towards town full of charm,
We will step forward to new one step.


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