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The third Tuesday, December 12, 2017 mazapurasu

Last update date March 7, 2019

The third mazapurasu

Image of mazapurasu Festival of the large prosperity
mazapurasu Festival of the large prosperity

"We touch love ♡ talk" that Director General interviews everybody playing an active part in area.
The third asked everybody of "mazapurasu" story.

mazapurasu begins activity; and the sixth year. It lasts for holding of seasonal event and "mazapurasu Festival" such as Halloween, many divergences including production of scrap booking using family photograph and, for the purpose of interchange of child care generation around Nagatsuta district, is worked.
Above all, 700 or more arrived by "mazapurasu festival" that we held in last December, and people overflowed before the opening around venue, and it seemed to be since the last prosperity that visitors present disappeared in no time.
By "mazapurasu Festival", a lot of one coin workshops utilized expertise of each member are opened and take voice of favorable reception from visitors and connect confidence with accessory, creation of new activity more.

Image of scrap booking
Scrap booking

Working everybody gets to know in neighboring park and is to be connected by word of mouth. Saying "children gather carelessly together, and do with feeling to want to provide place to enjoy noisily together"; Ikeda of representative.
Besides, if "it was hard to continue moving into action, but local child care generation can become saucer of place that interchanged" voice to "want to be able to spread when mom friend invited mom friend more" that it "is hard to be in place where pro-could enjoy production and interchange while letting you brought child and play" was asked.
Through talk, we felt a sense of duty to "want to provide place that could continue that everybody wanted to do it in future for a long time gently" from everybody.
In addition, story spread in not only activity and thought of mazapurasu but also the situation or thought of domestic child care of each everybody, and I remembered own child care times, too and swelled.
We think that we hold event for various child care generations at ward office and can heap up together in one of now.
Also, mom and children of child care generation want future activity to utilize facilities in ward very much as intelligence, place of exchange to be able to go without hesitation aimlessly.
We pray for achievement so that parent and child can continue shining with smile happily in future.

Image with all of mazapurasu
With all of mazapurasu

Image of peaceful talk
Peaceful talk

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