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The first Monday, August 7, 2017 shrine root flower road flower and green meeting

Last update date March 7, 2019

The first shrine root flower road flower and green meeting

Image of Annabell

Planting group which performed mowing and the pruning of housing complex regularly played a key role, and thought, "we wanted to make the outskirts area better without making town where we had a lot of with green and flower, and remaining only in the housing complex" was opportunity, and activity seemed to always begin saying "we will work with all shrine roots".
Daily activities such as watering were divided into two groups and went by turns, but there did not seem to be keno need for group that was earnest at all and participated every time.
We invite the others lecturer and hold workshop of planting, maintenance, and we prepare, and pocket apron belonging to is devised so that even elderly person is easy to work to have you are interested toward the lot and participate. In addition, we issue public information regularly, and introductions of flower blooming now are told all of housing complex about widely.

Image of African lily Peter Pan
African lily Peter Pan

By talk "came to be said that was, "shrine root housing complex became beautiful" from other areas, and had to talk that was glad.
In addition, we were asked about the word to "be able to feel we met each other directly without staying in house and took communication, and it was possible for connection with people and people to cooperate, and to push anything forward, and forward".
Activity that started with increasing flower and green spreads through a person's making of connection and local town development, and it is for approach fantastic at all.
We thought that it was often had trouble in various ways, but steady activity of everybody protected green of Midori Ward and felt that we made "hometown green" for the next generation.
We want you to continue as long as possible, and ward office wants to support this activity, too.

Image with all of shrine root flower road flower and green meetings
With all of shrine root flower road flower and green meetings

Image of state of talk
State of talk

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It is ... with shrine root flower road flower and green meeting

We are comprised of all of shrine root housing complex of sanhojiku and are group working for making attractive flower road feeling the four seasons in the housing complex and the outskirts!

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