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To release garden

When you can release garden, we place information in green open garden Facebook page on charm and Pub. Date of garden. In addition, I hand signboard having you display on Pub. Date. Apply by all means.

Last update date January 23, 2019

Procedure of application

1.Of garden please take a picture

  • It is said that photograph is to three pieces, and I would like thing that one piece knows the big picture of those.
  • Please consider right of likeness and personal information protection.
  • When person who does not get shooting consent and the next home come out, we may not publish in Facebook page.
  • We may use photograph which we had for public information trade rag which Midori Ward government office issues.
  • When it is impossible of use, please make check column of publication application blanks.

2.Please fill in Facebook page publication application after downloading from this

3.Please send photograph and publication application by E-mail

  • Destination:[email protected](Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section)
  • Receivable data size is around 5MB in total.
  • When file is compressed, please use anything other than ZIP format (LZH recommendation).

※I accept email after the reception at Midori Ward government office and send confirmation email.
When you have not been sent after the transmission even if a few days pass, please contact the following contact information.

In exhibition

Notice signboard: Please enter garden

Notice signboard: Please see from the outside

  • As I hand signboard such as the right, I would like notice.
  • Please perform exhibitions such as gardens in the responsibility of released person.
  • Please consider security of visited.
  • We may ask Midori Ward allied event hosted by government office for cooperation.

About personal information

Please submit publication application after having had you understand the following matters.

1.The following contents including personal information are published in Facebook page.
 (1) Applicant full name or group name
 (2) Address of garden
 (3) URL of map indicating position of garden
 (4) Introduction of garden
 (5) Contact information (when advance notice is necessary when we visit garden) of the person in charge
 (6) Public range, period of garden
 (7) Photograph of garden

2.It is necessary to publish one either in Phone number, FAX number, e-mail addresses 1 mentioned above on releasing garden about (5) when "advance notice is necessary".
3.As placed information is managed in conformity with data policy on Facebook, please note.

About deletion of article

When we ask for deletion

When deletion of article of Facebook page is hoped for, please submit deletion request book by email after downloading than the following.

When Midori Ward deletes article

In the case of next, Midori Ward deletes applicable article.

  • When contents which are remarkably different from fact are published
  • When it is necessary for personal information protection of person except public person
  • When we publish new article about the same garden
  • When, after the publication of article, it passes more than one year

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Inquiry to this page

Midori Ward General Affairs Department Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section

Telephone: 045-930-2228

Telephone: 045-930-2228

Fax: 045-930-2209

E-Mail address [email protected]

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