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To visit garden

You can see information of garden in green open garden Facebook page. Please visit if you find curious garden and flower bed.

Last update date March 1, 2017

Procedure of visit

1.Please confirm the public date and time and public range, the pivot, unnecessary of advance notice if you find curious garden in Facebook page.

  • In public range, we may enter case and garden of only from the outside.

2.When advance notice is necessary, please contact owner of garden.

  • Contact information is published in article of Facebook page.
  • Please use personal information such as contact information only for purpose to visit garden.

3.Well! Let's go to see garden.

  • On Pub. Date, signboard is notified by garden. Please confirm public range.

[only as for the admiration from the outside]

[we can enter garden]

  • You use public transport on visit and hope that we do not park on the road.
  • Entrance to place that owner does not admit is strictly prohibited.
  • Please do not borrow rest room.
  • When you are taken a picture, please get consent of owner.
  • You are careful not to touch tree and flower without any reason and step, and please do not break.
  • Please do not distribute kind and stock.

Green open garden Facebook page

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