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Medical care, the accident prevention of child

Last update date March 12, 2019

Subsidies for Medical Expenses for Pediatric Treatment

When child joining employee health insurance had a medical examination to medical institution for disease and injury, we support self-burden of medical service under health insurance.

For more details, please see Health and Social Welfare Bureau homepage.

※Even mail accepts perinatal application in Midori Ward.

For more details, please see Insurance and Pension Division homepage.

Various medical care benefits systems

List of medical care benefits systems
NameContents of systemAgeBurden

Premature infant nurture medical care
(detailed page)

When premature infant is admitted to appointed medical institution, self-burden and hospitalization meal charges of medical service under health insurance
We support.
Newborn babyNone
Independence support (upbringing) medical care
(detailed page)
It was admitted that we would leave obstacle in the future when body was defective or we left unattended, and was appointed
When certain curative effect is anticipated by operations, in the medical institution, there is the medical furtherance.
Under 18 years oldAvailable
Children chronicity identification illness medical care
(detailed page)
When we are treated for the next disease, we support meal charges at self-burden and hospitalization of medical service under health insurance.
Disease with change in malignant neoplasm, chronic renal disease, chronic respiratory illness, chronic heart trouble, internal secretion disease, collagenosis, diabetes, congenital metabolism is abnormal blood disorder, immune disease, nerve, muscular disorder, chronic digestive organ disease or gene, skin disease
Under 18 years old
(possible the deferred head to under 20 years old)

The accident prevention of child

Most one is things by accident by the death of child.

In the case of infants in particular, accident in house is outstanding.

Let's know what kind of accident is easy to happen!

For more details, please see Child and Youth Bureau homepage.

Information of medical institution

Midori Ward medical association (the outside site)
Yokohama-shi Medical Association (the outside site)

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