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The authorization nursery schools

Last update date September 1, 2020

To the authorization nursery schools that the use application is hoped for

  • Please read "usage guidances such as Yokohama-shi nursery schools" which Yokohama-shi issues "usage guidances such as [Midori Ward version] nursery schools" well.
  • We go for visit of garden beforehand, and or "pickup and drop-off are possible", please identify "rule at garden".
  • We have you confirm documents necessary for application well, and I would like preparations so that there is not lack.
  • You ask ward office any unclear points, and please confirm right information.

To where the use start such as nursery schools is hoped for in 2020

1. About styles such as usage guidance, application

We distribute in Midori Ward government office, open space of gathering of local child care support base, parent and children.
Downloading is available for ways such as usage guidance, application to "person who wish to use nursery schools in 2020" from City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau homepage.

2. About application reception desk

As for the change of the use application in the middle and desired facility, 10th (in the case of Sundays and holidays, we incline forward on Saturday) is the deadline every month in the year.
For example, it is April 10 in the deadline of the use adjustment in May.
Attention: When documents include defects, we may not accept application. I would like application that had room toward the deadline.

3. About receivable planned number

We update the available planned number of authorization nursery schools in Midori Ward every month on 1st.
The entrance situation such as each authorization nursery school and the waiting situation are released on every "entrance situation such as nursery schools" City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau homepage around five days a month.

4. About result

Notice of result ships every month around 25th.
In addition, I will inform person whom the use decided on the telephone separately around last month 20.

5. About basic date of the use adjustment

In basic date of the use adjustment, it is on the end of the month day of the use start hope month before last.
For example, it is March 31 in basic date of May entrance.
Basic date is point in time to judge the working situation of protector in the use adjustment such as the authorization nursery schools.

To parental leave that extension is hoped for

When they extend parental leave, necessary documents vary according to the offices. At first, please confirm in the office and Hello Work by all means.
When notice of reservation such as nursery schools is necessary, we read (PDF file) to "person who wish to extend parental leave" by all means, and necessary procedure, please.

Outside Yokohama-shi toward the house

It becomes application that we let pass the local government to live in principle now when he/she lives outside Yokohama-shi and wish to use the authorization nursery schools of Yokohama-shi.
For more details, we have you read "flow when he/she lives outside Yokohama-shi and applies for the authorization nursery schools of Yokohama-shi" (PDF file) by all means, and I would like application.

To person hoping for the use of child-care facility out of Yokohama-shi

It is application that we let pass principle Midori Ward government office now when it is resident in Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi and wish to use nursery schools out of Yokohama-shi.
You have you confirm by all means in required documents, and, in the desired former local government, please submit all the required documents to Midori Ward government office Children and Families Support Division beforehand within one week before the deadline of each municipality in the application deadline.
As application may not be accepted when there are lack defects in documents, application, please after confirmation well.
As one set of application style of Yokohama-shi is necessary when there is not transference plan from Yokohama-shi, you put together, and please offer.


We can confirm inspection of child-care facility in Yokohama-shi in "nursery school, child-care facility search" (the outside site).
About childcare and child-care facility out of the authorization, please see (City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau homepage) "in various ways of childcare service" at one time.

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