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Other childcare services

Last update date May 21, 2019

List of childcare services

There are various childcare services as well as the authorization nursery schools applying for to ward office.
Let alone work and attendance at school, we leave by slight business and refreshment temporarily and can use depending on frequency and purpose to leave.
When you wish to use, apply for conduct facility, engine directly.

List of childcare services
Business nameBusiness summary
Yokohama nersery room

In child-care facility out of the authorization, we meet standard (childcare charges, childcare environment, childcare time) that Yokohama-shi made and are child-care facility for 2 years old children from 0 years old child whom Yokohama-shi authorizes originally.
We can download list of Yokohama nersery rooms in Midori Ward (PDF: 186KB) from this.

Company-driven childcare business

In child-care facility out of the authorization, it is child-care facility with standard that country established. Country supports for business.
We can download list of company-driven childcare business in Midori Ward (PDF: 186KB) from this.

Child-care facility out of the authorization

It is child-care facility reporting to ward office out of the authorization.
We can download list of child-care facilities in Midori Ward out of the authorization (PDF: 186KB) from this.

Temporary childcare business

When we cannot raise for working, attendance at school, going to hospital, other me-like reasons, in the authorization nursery schools, it is business to take child temporarily.
Attention 1: It applies to child who does not use the authorization nursery schools
Attention 2: Desired person, please confirm the following guidance by temporary childcare of Yokohama City nursery school.

Infants temporary custody businessJob that is sudden in child-care facility out of the authorization of some whom Yokohama-shi assists is business to take child regardless of reason including refreshment temporarily.
Temporary childcare of holiday childcare, holidayWhen we cannot raise by working at home on Sunday and holiday, it is business to take child.
Illness child childcare, convalescent child childcare

It is business raising during disease or elementary school student of disease convalescence from six months after birth to sixth grader (in the third grade by facility) temporarily in exclusive nersery room which we added to medical institution.

24 hours model urgent temporary childcareWhen it is urgent and cannot raise at home, on hospitalization, ceremonial occasion, business trip of sudden protector, it is business to take child for 24 hours.
Yokohama child care support system"Person wanting you to take charge of child" and "person who can take charge of child" subscribe each and support child care based on relationship of mutual trust between members.
Temporary custody (the outside site) in "place to stay of green native parent and child becomes dull""Oh, it is business to take targeting at children of the use member speaking with a provincial accent" temporarily.

Temporary childcare of Yokohama in Midori Ward City nursery school

Target elementary school student

I take children from 1 year old (as of April 1) of Midori Ward residence to before attendance at school.
But it becomes acceptance from 3 years old when there is Takeyama nursery school.

Conduct summary

List of conduct garden
Conduct gardenThe locationContact information
Yokohama-shi Takeyama nursery school3-1-15, Takeyama, Midori-ku045-932-3032

Kamoi, Yokohama-shi nursery school

1-3-19, Kamoi, Midori-ku045-933-2101
Tookaichiba, Yokohama-shi nursery school1296, Tookaichibacho, Midori-ku045-981-6470
Nagatsuta, Yokohama-shi nursery school2-11-1, Nagatsuta, Midori-ku045-981-2656

The use time: It is 4:30 p.m. from 8:30 a.m. on weekdays

About fee

The use time

Under 3 years old child fee

3 years or older child fee

Until four hours1,200 yen700 yen
It is more than four hours

2,400 yen

1,300 yen
Lunch, snacks charges420 yen250 yen

Attention: As cover welfare family, municipal tax tax exemption household remits charge except lunch, snacks charges in full, take certificate.

About application style

Necessary format downloads the following style at the time of prior registration and use application, and please use.
Temporary childcare use registration application (PDF: 159KB)
Temporary childcare use application (PDF: 114KB)

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (old Adobe Reader) is necessary to open file of Portable Document Format.
Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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