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About evacuation sites opened at the time of storm and flood damage in Midori Ward

When evacuation warning is announced in flooding, the flooding of river by approaches such as large-scale typhoons, we will tell about establishment planned designated urgent evacuation sites.

Last update date July 27, 2020

Timings of official announcement such as evacuation warning

We judge precipitations of water level and basin of water level and the upper reaches, the downstream, branch of river generally and think about security of inhabitants of a ward to giving top priority and announce evacuation warning early. In addition, we open evacuation sites of district neighborhood that announced evacuation warning. As you do not open all evacuation sites, please be careful.

Establishment planned designated urgent evacuation sites according to river

River name

Establishment planned designated urgent evacuation sites
The Tsurumi River The Higashihongo small, the small green among Kamoi, the Nakayama small, the Yamashita small, the Yamashita Midoridai small
The Onda River Nakayama small, Yamashita small, Yamashita Midoridai small, sanhosho
The Umeda River sanhosho
Iwagawa The Ibukino small

※When refugee of evacuation sites became majority, we may establish designated urgent evacuation sites or public facilities except the above.
※At the time of disaster, we can confirm the latest information of evacuation sites establishment from important announcement of Midori Ward homepage.

As new coronavirus infectious disease occurs, it is necessary for even evacuation sites to avoid "sealing, crowd, closeness".
To person who is in safe place, it is not necessary to go to evacuation sites. In addition, it is not evacuation action only to go to evacuation sites. Please examine evacuation to safe acquaintance and friend's house so that evacuation sites is not crowded.

In the case of evacuation, please download five points that you should know from the following.

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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