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It is (H31.2.8) about basic policy and budget bill of municipal administration administration of 2019

Last update date August 22, 2019

February 8, 2019
Suggestion explanation in City Counsil plenary session

We talk about basic policy and summary of municipal administration administration on suggesting budget bill, associated bills in 2019.


This year becomes the last age in the Heisei period.

It is about 200 years since abdication of the Emperor and the enthronement of His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince being carried out at the same time last and congratulates historic time with and wants to invite the beginning in the new times.

To this important age, international event called the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics that are sports and peace, festival of culture art is held in Yokohama in the seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development, Rugby World Cup 2019™, next year. By perfect preparations and heartwarming hospitality, we can connect to success by all means.

We let Rugby World Cup 2019TM, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics succeed

Until the start of Rugby World Cup, there are only 224 days left. In Yokohama, seven games are held including the final. We make use of experience of blurring D throw cup of last year and face with transport, the guard, preparations of everything including medical care, relief. In addition, we heap up with citizen's including city dressing coloring public viewing, town in fan zone to arrange in Rinko Park (Seaside Park) with banner Flag.

Yokohama becomes authorized team campground of Irish representative, Scottish representative. We play our part so that meeting is reached with the best condition.

We have the Olympics Paralympics in the next year. In Yokohama Stadium becoming venue of baseball, softball, repair work such as enlargement of seat advances, and the existing city hall is utilized as base of the news, the guard. We had people of 5,834 apply for city volunteer who had you support meeting administration together for recruitment of 2,500 people. Let alone meeting administration, we push forward preparations about prior camping of British national team. Furthermore, barrier-free of the accommodations in the city supports becoming, and anyone fixes environment that it is easy to use.

In all Yokohama, it enlivens both meetings integrally to connect heat of rugby with impression by the Olympics Paralympics.

We connect chance over there

Yokohama Port continues jumping to Cruise port of world class. Passenger vessel terminal of Daikokufutou is completed in April, and skywalk opens again. Passenger vessel terminal of new port Wharf is completed in autumn, too. Seven large passenger ships become able to finally arrive at the same time, and is one of the world's largest; is scaled.

Many customers make use of chance visiting Yokohama from home and abroad and develop culture, sightseeing measure intensively, and please experience charm of Yokohama.

It is made with development of contents to be able to enjoy stay, night scenery by illuminations day and night and, in 2019, pushes forward promotion of sightseeing in tour that cooperated with Kamakura-shi or Miura-shi, multiple languages correspondence in Sankei-en Garden which is tourist attractions of the sum or offer of experience program. In addition, in Yamashita-Futo, we perform acceptance, preparations for display of working Gundam of size of the original for hotel compress of the next year.

In "garden necklace Yokohama 2019", we hold "Yokohama Rose week" with flower, rose of city as the leading role in Yamashita Park newly.

Customer from foreign countries feels charm in what we can experience simply because it is the land among other things. There is impression to be able to taste if we stay in Noge and Yokohama including a certain vigor mall.

We hold "Yokohama sound Festival 2019" this year. Art Festival that assumed town continuing with Yokohama Triennale, dance Festival every year the stage is appreciated by the inside and outside. We carry out sound Festival of this year with Rugby World Cup at the same time and have you enjoy Yokohama swelling in music together.

Sustained growth and certain route

It is expected that population of Yokohama-shi declines at peak in this year. It is assumed that productive population from 15 years old to 64 years old decreases by about 400,000 people, 17% in the next 20 years and is about 3 times of rate of decline of total population. And more aging advances. The Japanese whole faces the situation that we have not ever experienced as well as Yokohama. You must work on further growth strategy to build certain route to increase vitality of Yokohama simply because we did it this way.

At first, by activation of company activity, we create place of the employment and business.

Strategic company invitation grows, and, in 2019, headquarters building of Keikyu group, global innovation center of Shiseido operate in Minato Mirai 21 district.

Platform "I, TOP Yokohama", network between companies spreads in "LIP. Yokohama". In Kannai-District, we establish support bases such as venture companies and let human resources interchange more than frames of organization activate.

We concentrate power secondary to medium and small-sized business occupying most of the city offices, promotion of mall and work on support reinforcement to assistance measures corresponding to increase of consumption tax rate and small scale company.

Toward creation of business to be connected in the future, we work by citizen cooperation. Citizen cooperation of Yokohama-shi is appreciated, and, "at first, approach of cowound has you call saying it is in Yokohama" until now. Proof experiment of service bus utilizing AI which expectation is sublimed into as next-generation traffic advances in Minato Mirai.

The results such as environmental cities of the future were evaluated from world, and was chosen last year by "SDGs city of the future". For problem solution, we lead the Japanese local government. In "Yokohama SDGs Design Center", we can connect to new business toward environment, economy, solution to social problem and push forward challenge.

In addition, we promote maintenance such as road, traffic, harbor supporting vitality of city steadily.

Yokohama loop-formed northwest line aims at opening until the Olympics Paralympics. New axis to tie seaside part and Tomei Expressway to is formed by opening. In Yokohama Port, we start construction of new Honmoku-Futo and complete Minamihonmoku Wharf MC-4 container terminal before 2019. Line direct to East Kanagawa area line Sotetsu, JR is going to start a business at the latter half of 2019. Discussion with Kawasaki-shi is set recently, and extension from Azamino of high-speed railway Route 3 to Shinyurigaoka begins to change for industrialization.

Toward compact city, we push forward town development that we made use of individuality in in each area.

In Kannai, Kangai-District, we began open call for participants about utilization of the existing city hall block. By premeditated town development including redevelopment of Yokohama Culture Gymnasium, maintenance of deck raising excursion characteristics, maintenance of campus of Kanto Gakuin University, we can connect to activation. In addition, in the new city hall, steel frame is standing up now to the 32nd floor that is the top floor. Building is completed in next January and starts service at the end of June.

Furthermore, we push forward invitation of international gardening exhibition in the old top Seya communication facilities, urban infrastructure maintenance utilizing Special Zones for Structural Reform. It is business to take growth of Yokohama in the future on and works on countries positively and connects with realization.

And we further promote approach of a certain vitality culture art creation city.

There are culture facilities such as music halls and base of artist creators, and maintenance of large-scale arena facility by private enterprise advances to Yokohama, too. We think that new theater makes the core of culture art creation city contributing to activation of town in cooperation with such a facility. On the basis of problems that we grasped in investigation this year, we install Exploratory Committee by well-informed person in 2019 and will have proposal about the way of maintenance.

We value living with people

What you should make efforts in above all when you fixed your eyes on the future of Yokohama is the making of person carrying the next generation. We brought about approach, result ahead of other cities including realization of waiting-list child zero and achievement support of woman, senior until now.

In addition, it was sincere and, in addition to nursery school maintenance, faced for on-site problem including air conditioning setting to classroom of city school and repeated decision while we stepped to where or were controversial. As the basic local government, we bring up people and will evolve approach for strong intention to make safe reliable living a reliable one from now on.

By school education, we locate staff room duties assistant in all elementary and junior high schools and realize work-style reform of the staff of a school supporting growth of children. We further strengthen the system for early detection and solution of bullying including expansion of the fixed number placement of elementary school student support exclusive duty teacher.

In addition, in junior high school lunch, we work on improvement of selectable choice system from "Hama dialect" "home lunch" "supplier lunch". In 2019, we push forward environment creation which it is easy to use more about "Hama dialect".

We expand child abuse prevention measures, poor measures of child and bring up all children in good health. Ward and related organizations cooperate so that impaired person lives in peace in area and expand support.

We reach super-aged society, and correspondence to medical care, care needs to increase is urgent problem. About special elderly nursing home, we perform open call for participants for 600 a year. In addition, for securing of care human resources, we accept foreign student or skill trainee based on 3 cities of Vietnam and memorandum that we concluded positively.

From this April, new residence status of foreigner is founded, and it is anticipated that foreigners living in the city increase. It is lived, and about 98,000 foreigners are already in district supporting with the whole town in Yokohama. We install general consultation counter newly and, in 2019, push forward Japanese learning support in city International Association.

Large-scale natural disasters occurred successively last year in each places of the whole country. In Yokohama, we performed urgent check of wall made of blocks with the cooperation of inhabitants and performed the foundation of improvement assistance system. It will promote inflection of system in future and further assumes every disaster including the inundation measures such as enlargement of disaster prevention speaker or river, the sewer maintenance and strengthens anti-stress.

In fire brigade which was support of local disaster prevention, we achieved sufficiency rate 100% of the fixed number to establish in the regulations in January while there was concern about understaffing nationwide. We will support for improvement of activity well in future alone in designated city.

In addition, about public facilities which school, road, water and sewage, deterioration including waste disposal and treatment facility go ahead through, we push forward extension of life and update premeditatedly.

Big city system

We continued claiming that new realization of big city system "special self-government City" was necessary so that Yokohama pulled growth of Japan.

Pressure fully supported by designated city succeeded, and revision of the long-overdue Disaster Relief Act was realized. We are going to receive designation of help conduct city in April. On large-scale disaster, the smooth, quick system which we can rescue is set. To transfer of passport issuance desk work from the prefecture, we install passport center of city in the municipal subway Center-Minami Station yard at the end of October.

In addition, we deepen seven neighboring local governments and cooperation and push forward discussion for solution to sightseeing attracting tourist and administrative problem. We carry out event together, and, with Yokosuka-shi in particular, cooperation is realized in future.

As functional enhancement of ward office, ward enlarged resources usable voluntarily for the making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs in 2019. We push forward environmental improvement of ward government building and on-site close correspondence including the inundation measures.

We have many citizen's all of you understand the need of "special self-government City" in all forums that we carried out with 18 wards by this year. We perform suggestion, request to countries continuously and will aim at realization of "special self-government city" in future.

Financial and administrative operations

Each 2019 accounts budget to suggest,

General account 1.7615 trillion yen
Special accounts 1.3282 trillion yen
Government enterprise accounts 615.2 billion yen
By all accounts sum total, it is 3.7048 trillion

We do in this.

General account in comparison with last year of 2.0% grow, and is the sum total of all accounts, of 3.1% grew.

We estimated city tax income to occupy the center of the annual revenue to be 839.5 billion yen. Of these, we reserve 2 billion yen for resources of revised budget on the way in the year and include 837.5 billion yen.

By annual expenditure, personnel expenses 360.2 billion yen, aid costs 504.5 billion yen, administrative budget 270 billion yen, facility included maintenance costs 248.6 billion yen, public loan costs 184.2 billion yen, drawing out 194 billion yen.

About municipal bond of general account, we utilize 172 billion yen. Primary balance of Yokohama method of 24.2 billion yen become in the red, but assume surplus from 2020, and find balance in full business year during plan period of plan for Middle four years.

The borrowed money balance that general account supports makes balance or less in prospect of 3.1852 trillion yen at the end of 2017 at the end of 2021.

By business review, we brought about the amount of effect of 11 billion yen in 1,094 business. We push forward work-style reform that captured move of city hall.


For about nine and a half years, go ahead through promise with citizens before step by step, and it is form, and result that piled up appears, and flower is going to greatly open until now.

We will work with every effort in order to enliven Yokohama lively in cause, 2019 of strong determination to realize Yokohama where citizen's all of you pass in the future, and dream and hope are felt.

For the future of Yokohama, we want to promote municipal administration with all of the City Counsil powerfully. Thank you for your cooperation.

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