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About basic policy and budget bill of municipal administration administration of 2013

Last update date August 7, 2018

February 15, 2013
Suggestion explanation in City Counsil plenary session

Year of Middle four years plan mop-up

We talk about summary with basic policy of municipal administration administration on suggesting bills about budget bill and this in 2013.


In Japan, "catching up with" ran "exceed" once in developed country to run on way of economic growth for shout. Anyone demanded thing and service being attracted by the richness at the same level as Europe and America and comfortable life. Against a backdrop of population to rapidly increase, administration propped up economy that we continued enlarging by excellent demand by maintaining infrastructure and public facilities and social security system. It was the yield of taxes to increase with soaring economy that enabled that.

Life became convenient drastically, and, after such a growth, Japan matured now; social. On the other hand, it was in the complicated world where there was, and state and sense of values diversified, and standard that people were satisfied and evaluated was different each of life. Anyone obtained desired information and became able to send, but opportunity when people faced people directly decreased, and area and importance of social "bond" came to be recognized some other time by the development of information and communication technology.

For administration, we feel that steering is the time hard to please.

I cast the body in the administrative world for the first time three years five months ago. Thereafter we feel importance of service that adhered to profundity and life when wide of work of environmental strictness including financial status and the basic local government every day. Work of the basic local government is steady. However, it is important job to right support life of citizen's all of you. We beat our brains with employee as manager and believed that we could make use of experience that tried for improvement of service now and worked on the staff with every effort until now.

And, thank you, flower opened, and seed which we sowed so far was just realized.

Individual policies are connected mutually. We tried for the realization single-mindedly simply because result of policy of one one affected other policies and were particular about result. We advanced business that kept on choosing by choice and concentration in PDCA cycle steadily. Advocate aim, and the staff does it; pushed forward while beginning to draw attention, and repeating the spot staff and discussions, and beating the brains. We feel big response that led to result by waiting-list child cancellation of nursery school, approach of sightseeing, MICE, activation of economy.

There is method to appeal for idea and slogan which there should be loudly, but 3.69 million citizens put pivot leg in big city, Yokohama living a life, and I think that it is the best method to have citizen's understand municipal administration that provides result steadily.

If various things can decide in the basic local government which is the nearest to the spot, life of citizen's all of you becomes richer. If economy of Yokohama that is the nation's largest city is activated more while being the basic local government, Japan gets well. It is from such thought that we concentrated power on the foundation of new big city system with councilors.

In 2013, it is the last year of plan for Yokohama-shi Middle four years. We are particular about result and have citizen's all of you realize further result. And we will hit strategic arrangement for the future well while performing "mop-up" of policy that I promised for citizen's all of you.

Tide of the new times to affect future Yokohama

Well, our country is developed country with various social problems. In addition to population decline, low birthrate and aging, energy problem, it is opposite to compounding difficult task including the preparation to repeated natural disasters.

Yokohama-shi is no exception, too. There are "future population decline" and "decrease in productive population" in big undulation to control the future of Yokohama including "further low birthrate and aging" and "change of family constitution".

Furthermore, deterioration moves most of city infrastructure which supported growth of Yokohama and will invite time of update in sequence in future. In limited resources, how do you update infrastructure in spite of being messenger premeditatedly safely for a long time? The management power is right called into question now.

For tide of the new times to affect future Yokohama, draw of assets which there is just in foundation with thing which we cultivated so far, and begin challenge; time will come.

Yokohama is offering know-how that overcame similar problem to rising nation facing population explosion and environmental pollution now. If we challenge tide of the times ahead of the world and can survive, approach of Yokohama should make a model of other cities by all means.

From this Yokohama, we send problem solution model. We attract attention from the world as the advanced city and are aimed. We will make such future Yokohama.

Future Yokohama (figure of future Yokohama) that I imagine

Yokohama has been already made to the starting line. We still have enough charm held admiration for from other cities. In charm this as for me further; want to polish.

As power of each citizen's all of you and power of companies are tied to history that we walked and resources which we cultivated, charm of city is polished more and more. By having citizen's all of you feel sincere "relief" and "hope to the future", the charm is shown and is connected for development of Yokohama. People gather and live, and vitality dwells in town where many people come and go. We fix our eyes on the cause of such a faith, tide of the times and, for shining future Yokohama, draw strategy of sturdy town development boldly.

At first, we aim at "city with trust that environment and disaster prevention power stood out".

After experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake, interest of citizen's all of you in disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage measure has been increasing. In addition, approach to environmental problems such as global warming is global request. Yokohama matches environmental problem with disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage measures, and, as city pushing forward the highest approach, even the world is evaluated. We further increase this strength, and join reproduction and technique, know-how of local community together for business opportunity and bring up in chosen city.

Then, we will have "city where both person supporting the future and company sparkle".

It is citizen's all of you living here, and the best property of Yokohama is all of the companies.

While children emit brightness, we are brought up, and there are place to stay and place of achievement in area even if defective and is healthy even if it becomes old and can make use of knowledge and experience. All people play an active part and live lively. Since the opening of a port, all of company and the companies in the city that supported Yokohama can fully show each power from now on, and Yokohama economy continues further growing up. For the future, both people and company make shining city.

Growth of Yokohama economy cannot particularly miss that we aim at society where young people and woman can play an active part. Country launched "young people, woman achievement promotion forum" in the cause, the day before yesterday of recognition that the employment and human resources utilization of young people and woman were the keys to growth, too.

We make use of approach of past Yokohama and do in advanced city where young people and woman can fully show the power.

And "it rises in culture, art, bustle and originality and aims at city full of vitality".

We do people's minds wealthily, and culture, art brings up originality and sensitivity and is involved with the wide fields such as education, welfare, town development, industry, sightseeing, MICE and brings about various effects. In addition, we give city charm to attract many people. We work on New York, Paris and Moscow as city strategy.

We made use of many cultural assets, and Yokohama pushed forward approach of creation city that produced new value and charm of city quickly, too. Yokohama Triennale rooted after holding of four times since 2001, too.

Representative and NPO and citizen's all of 22 local governments of the whole country gathered in Yokohama, and "creation city network Japan" was established the other day. Yokohama-shi becomes representative of secretary group, and the secretariat will be placed. It is result that approach of past creation city was evaluated. We send advanced culture art like Yokohama to home and abroad and are wanting to do in nucleus of culture city of East Asia and city where it is in future.

Finally we aim at "city with frame which can support conjugation of the times".

In housing complex and house of the suburbs part built for the rapid economic growth period, deterioration of building advances, and problems such as aging or single life of people who live there come out. It is expected that means of transportation and house citizen's all of you greatly change. In Minato Mirai 21 district, about 30 years passed from business start. Maintenance, plan of broad-based traffic networks such as Shin-Tomei Expressway and Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway, Linear Chuo Shinkansen advances and must go these as chance to the future of Yokohama. We challenge new town development that fixed its eyes on the future now to be made in big turning point of social infrastructure and do in city with frame corresponding to change in the times.

Five challenges

By aiming at figure of city that overflowed in such charm, which "we want to live" has you choose saying "we want to run business" and has the actually good point realize. And we will do in Yokohama that anyone prays for when we continue living in future and want to make place of achievement. Therefore, in 2013, we push forward five challenges.

It is five of challenge to "security, relief", challenge to "investment in people", challenge to "economic activation", challenge to "reproduction of city", challenge to "big city system".

Challenge to "security, relief"

At first, it is challenge to "security, relief".

In 2013, we push forward the preparation from hardware software both sides well as year of start of "earthquake disaster prevention strategy" that made "Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan" which we reviewed based on lesson of the Great East Japan Earthquake and reduce disaster damage target clear.

It has top priority and adds to earthquake-resistant measures of public facilities including school which we advanced, and go ahead through earthquake resistance such as bridge or pedestrian bridge and expand approach of infrastructure disaster prevention including manhole surfacing preventive measures by road surface bottom cavity investigation and liquefaction of emergency transfer line until now. As spread of fire measures of wooden house crowd city area, we perform maintenance of open space or examination of timeworn empty house measures. We push forward earthquake resistance such as wooden house, apartment. For reduce disaster damage, approach of self support, community support is very important. We make reduce disaster damage brochure which we published "Yokohama earthquake disaster prevention citizens' charter" and hazard map in and distribute to all houses.

We realized that challenge to environmental problem was essential to secure relief of life through the Great East Japan Earthquake. Yokohama is chosen as the first runner of the environmental field by environmental city of the future of national project and pushes forward advanced environmental measure. We work on problem solution to maintenance of warming measures, energy problem, green daringly sequentially. We start environmental city of the future promotion project and begin a full-scale construction of smart city.

Green remains while being big city, and urban agriculture is prosperous, and it is big charm of Yokohama that there is park becoming pride of citizen's all of you. We protect forest place and farmland and expand measure to further make green. In Yamashita Park representing Yokohama, we can enjoy flower through one year.

Let alone reduction of garbage, we reduce greenhouse gas exhausted with gross reduction and refuse disposal of recyclables, recyclable materials. We have restaurant and the accommodations cooperate and develop approach to lose leftover in all cities. In addition, we plan thorough classification, recycling some other time.

Challenge to "investment in people"

The second is "investment in people".

At first, we fix environment so that children carrying the future grow up in good health. We expand obstetrics and perinatal medical care to give birth in peace. We support for preparations Hospital of three city so that plural obstetrics doctors can be hard on duty toward full-scale administration of "obstetrics base Hospital".

We aim at cancellation of April, 2013 about nursery school waiting-list child, but we assume zero sequentially afterwards, and to pray that we want to continue working after the childbirth realizes society which avoids giving up the carrier. Toward the enforcement of the child, child care connection 3 method, we support new system shift of After-School Care Program Clubs and support child care without break until school age.

Improvement of education environment is the most important for healthy growth of child. The municipal small, average posts school librarian to special support school newly from 2013 and is going to locate at all schools by 2016. In addition, we start preparations that "music course" sets up "sports management course" as the making of attractive high school in Yokohama commercial high school in Tozuka High School. Setting of air conditioners from 2010 to city school which we advanced is completed in the whole school by the end of 2013. At early time of 2013, we fix the system in all Municipal Junior High School so that bringing dunce purchases lunch in lunch. We examine the way of desirable junior high school lunch sequentially.

And we work for the extermination of bullying and child abuse with every effort to follow command of children. We receive examination result of project by the spot staff and realize ward office and the concrete measures for cooperation reinforcement of children's guidance office. At time when mind and body after childbirth are easy to become unstable together, model carries out the mother and the child daycare and mother and the child short stay utilizing assistant delivery rooms and plans cancellation of childcare anxiety. We strengthen the elementary school student support system including placement of improvement of counselor dispatch to school and elementary school student support exclusive duty teacher.

It leads to hope to the future to support social advance of woman holding the key to future economic growth. Support to social advance of woman is taken up as theme every time in APEC, and it is world common recognition now. Woman working in working woman, Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations and NPO, woman who does company by oneself. I support achievement of woman of Yokohama well and send the result to the world.

Elderly people 65 years or older press 1 million people and, in Yokohama, come to occupy around 30% of population in 2025. We challenge new approach until now so that it is played an active part lively while all of you who supported development of Yokohama will maintain health in future. We spark movement to "walk" as part of "health promotion of 1 million people" which we raised for Yokohama version growth strategy of plan for Middle four years in whole city and take concrete means to raise the time to health promotion. In addition, we receive service in peace in area where needing lived so long by care and push forward maintenance of satisfying "compound model service office" by service to high elderly person of "small scale multifunctional model home long-term care office" and medical needs so that it is continued living. We establish "model base of home medical care cooperation" for cooperation reinforcement of medical care and care one newly in total.

About life poor support measure pushing forward examination in country, we carry out experimental project with one ward to support independence of person having a problem with life. In addition, we fix the system of working support including setting to ward office of window of working support that cooperated with increase of the staff and Hello Work of member of specialty to support reinforcement of the consultation system for young man poor economically, working of social security recipient.

We enlarge object range of guide help and guide volunteer to be able to live a life to impaired person in peace for the future and make one which is easy to use use of taxi system of severeness person with a disability. Seriously ill mind and body child with a disability facility pushing forward maintenance in Kounandai, Konan-ku starts construction in 2013.

Challenge to "economic activation"

The third challenge is "economic revitalization".

We cannot miss activation of Yokohama economy to support life of citizen's all of you, and to do.

At first, we support spirit of regional economy well and do. We support all of the medium and small-sized businesses occupying most of the city companies by cause, all energy of "the Yokohama-shi medium and small-sized business promotion basics regulations". Based on the end of the severe management environment spreading out and finance facilitation method of the end of March, 2013, we make sure of support of fund raising. We found "short term support fund" becoming stopgap fund to "management reinforcement support fund" to company where we receive support of Specialized Agencies and are worked on improvement and reinforcement of management. We support M&A to support business continuation of medium and small-sized business where successor is not readily found in while having superior technique. By support to activation of mall, we start subsidy program when we open a store at store which there was in needs of mall toward cancellation of vacant store.

For new industrial creation, we promote seven areas 16 project including "prevention, health" "regenerative medicine" to hook by the choice to "international strategy synthesis special ward" that is national project and found city's original research and development subsidy program. In addition, we expand the furtherance for company advance in growth area.

Furthermore, we will examine growth areas to lay emphasis on in particular in future and, for activation of Yokohama economy, gather up as economic policy vision.

By the fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development of this June, we play a role as host city and, in the field of culture art, sightseeing, MICE, support holding well. To conferencing, we develop one one school campaign, symposium and business seminar for improvement in position of woman and further deepen interchange with Africa that we continued with holding of the fourth meeting in the last time. About Yokohama art action business, we put emphasis for the making of upbringing, bustle in citizen's participation, next generation and we are developed and connect business that seems to be Yokohama mainly on music in 2013 with Yokohama Triennale in 2014.

In addition, we have many people taste joy to run and aim at holding in early stage of citizen participation type full marathon meeting that can expect economic ripple effect and city sales effect.

Furthermore, with world heritage registration of designation name temple and "ancient city, Kamakura of samurai family" including choinasetsutsu, we increase hotel guest from home and abroad and send Yokohama brand in connection with the neighborhood local government.

Challenge to "reproduction of city"

The fourth is challenge to "reproduction of city".

We regard change of the times as chance, and positive pole challenges daringly and sends model of city reproduction from this Yokohama.

There are really a variety of resources including the suburbs part filled with greenery and the downtown area seaside part filled with vigor in Yokohama. It polishes such resources, and it is important challenge for mature Yokohama to bring about new value.

We start the making of master plan to fix the eyes on medium-and-long term in the downtown area seaside part, and to plan sustained growth of Yokohama. In addition, we devise "the new city hall maintenance basic plan" and perform examination for redevelopment for activation of around Minatocho, Naka-ku district.

In Minato Mirai 21 district, we examine new town development that adopted factors such as energy measures or business continuity plan for construction of smart city.

By, in the suburbs part, beginning a full-scale sustainable residential area model project, and regenerating around residential area and station in model district in Aoba Ward Tama-Plaza, from child to elderly person as for whom push forward livable attractive town development.

In addition, you maintain public facilities such as use of citizen facility or bridge well and keep in good condition, and please use to citizen's for a long time.

Furthermore, we maintain base of city supporting international container strategy harbor, Yokohama beltway, East Kanagawa area line, Yokohama including excitement Yokohama 22 well. And economy, distribution of Japan plays a core role of interchanging.

Challenge to "big city system"

The fifth is challenge to big city system.

Yokohama-shi still remains in positioning called "ordinance-designated city" which is system continuing temporarily for more than half a century. Few institutional exception is in general city, but, in ordinance-designated city, there is in frame same as general city basically. Neither resources measures nor authority is enough. There is thing which the prefecture and double administration of city produce and cannot accomplish consistent duties as city. We cannot miss that the basic local government allows them to carry out various things depending on local characteristic speedily in looking after life of citizens.

I insisted on each local big city system being necessary as temporary committee member of Local Government System Research Council of country as representative of designated city Conference of Mayors again at various places. We aim at realization of "special self-government City" that is new big city system that Yokohama-shi insisted on so far again.

We discuss at the same time with Kanagawa and repeat the results of handover of power and tie which "we improved" to result to have you realize, "we were able to realize early" to citizen's all of you.

We realize new big city system to expect of Yokohama early and push forward the making of city full of reinforcement and vitality of the economic infrastructure that we made use of strength of Yokohama in. And, aiming at development of the whole sphere including the neighboring local governments, we fight successfully through severe international competition.

Budget scale

Then, we talk about each accounts budget scale in 2013 to suggest as budget bill.

General account 1.5369 trillion yen
Special accounts 1.34 trillion yen
Government enterprise accounts 532.6 billion yen
By all accounts sum total, it is 3.4095 trillion yen

It became in this.

We organized revised budget and 25 fiscal budgets in one body in February, 2012 on the basis of urgent economic measure revision of country, and it was 1.4353 trillion yen that 1.8% grew in general account in comparison with last year with it was substantial budget except contribution to public corporation which was necessary for dissolution of Yokohama-shi land development public corporation, and it was the third consecutive year of plus budget. Substantial growth rate of the budget in total for all accounts of 0.6% grow.

About general account budget, we assumed net income sum of city tax with possibility 701.4 billion yen that 0.8% came to increase by than last year. Of these, we reserved 3 billion yen for annual revision resources and included 698.4 billion yen by original budget.

In addition, city tax storing rate was financial statements of 2011, and it was the highest, and it was 97.9% of Motoichi record highs in ordinance-designated city. About 2013, we plan reinforcement of storing measures and begin page storing of city tax electron storing from April, 2013 and raise convenience and anticipate storing rate 97.9% at the same level as 2011.

By annual expenditure, we decided to push forward earthquake resistance of building or maintenance of urgent transfer line steadily for the achievement of reduce disaster damage target which we advocated in earthquake disaster prevention strategy and included 209.5 billion yen including revised budget about maintenance costs such as facilities in February, 2012, and it was said with 12.8% increase compared to the previous year. In addition, aid costs assumed 400.2 billion yen compared to the previous year, rose 4.4% by increase of nursery school entrance capacity or increase of welfare allowance by economy slump and did personnel expenses with 206.9 billion yen that 0.7% decreased by by reduction of the staff fixed number compared to the previous year.

Administrative and financial reform

We brought about resources of 10.2 billion yen to carry out review that we stepped into more than usual mainly on administrative internal expense including personnel expenses reduction about administrative and financial reform, and to greatly exceed 7.8 billion yen of last year.

Privatization, trust such as the abolition of house allowance concerned with home of further reduction and staff of the staff fixed number as main approach, private consignment of household garbage collection performed promotion of making and performed review that we further stepped into about bailouts to affiliated organization.

We will push forward constant administrative and financial reform in future to push forward necessary measure even if in severe financial status, and to be able to answer trust of citizen's.

Municipal bond issuance, fiscal discipline

Third sectors issue reform promotion bonds 138.3 billion yen to add municipal bond to allot for earthquake disaster prevention strategy business on the basis of way of thinking that 5% decrease by compared to the previous year aiming for, and to issue by plan about municipal bond issuance for Middle four years secondary to 2012, and to dissolve land development public corporation from point of view reducing future finance burden. In addition, 25 fiscal budgets integrally with February, 2012 revised budget because organized, planned integral utilization about municipal bond. In this way, we secured surplus of 12.1 billion yen, and primary balance that matched revision with 25 fiscal budgets in February, 2012 maintained fiscal discipline which was root and trunk of municipal administration administration sequentially.

Furthermore, it is expected that we achieve aim of plan for Middle four years that we do special accounts, corporate accounting that general account and city cope with, the borrowed money balance of affiliated organization 3.4 trillion yen about reduction of borrowed money of the whole city below at the end of 2013.

In addition, there was the mayoral election in 2013, but it had top priority and thought about activation of civic life, the city economy, and budget bill included expense that was necessary as budget a year in whole year in 2013.

In consideration of point such as further correspondence to new measure of budget of consideration and country to judgment of policy of the new mayor, we reserved revision resources 3 billion yen a year while we did so.


Then,, with basic policy of municipal administration administration of 2013, we explained summary of budget bill and bills concerned.

Social economic situation and financial status are still severe, and the future is the situation that it is hard to show. We are apt to often let feeling draw back. However, we make the future of Yokohama and cannot put up only by pushing forward reduction, reduction.

For future Yokohama, go ahead through choice and concentration strictly while pushing forward administrative and financial reform steadily simply because it is such hard times and will make a strategic movement well.

We advocate flag mark of "dream and hope" for the future highly and want to balance reliable municipal administration administration that foot arrived at the ground with bold challenge.

I am really proud of being able to exchange fruitful discussion toward further "leap" of Yokohama that classic Yokohama City Council members of the Diet and ancient people built. We concentrate all power of team Yokohama and look after security, relief of civic life and attract internal and external many people and will build city that continues shining now.

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