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About basic policy and budget bill of municipal administration administration of 2012

Last update date August 17, 2018

February 15, 2012
Suggestion explanation in City Counsil plenary session

Year of the result fruition

We talk about summary with basic policy of municipal administration administration on suggesting bills about budget bill and this in 2012.

(basic policy of municipal administration administration)

We become strain of European debt issue, and the future of the world economy including slowdown of rising nation economy is still opaque. Low birthrate and aging progresses more and more, and our country faces problem that maintenance of social vitality and security, social security of work force and population decline including the way of tax bring at the same time.

These are problems that big city, Yokohama faces. Response to problem causes increase of financial demand, and fiscal rigidification advances. In compilation of the budget, how do you survive lack of resources? You carry out review and cost reduction of business thoroughly and must perform "choice and concentration" more than before.

We cannot manage wonderful resources and valuable resources of them where we accomplished growth blessed with citizen power, but oneself brought up today's Yokohama while experiencing many difficulties, and, since the opening of a port, in Yokohama, it may be said that there is in the situation placed in a kind of "landing".

However, fair wind is blowing to Yokohama clearly now.

In APEC summit meeting of the year before last, we fully showed ability as convention city and had high evaluation. "International strategic general special ward" received the triple choice of "specific city reproduction emergency maintenance area" "environmental city of the future" which was national project in in international container strategy harbor and this year in last year. Moreover, we had the help of councilors and all of the economic world, and Yokohama holding of the fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development was decided, too.

In year of the result fruition, we create regular spirals

We are "just" convinced of performing dynamic "investment" that I go through "landing" and raise growth power of city.

We polish up resources to be able to be proud of to the world that Yokohama brought up and let you show synergism. We let result bear fruit without regretting "investment" of that purpose. And we connect the result with the next "investment". In creating such a "regular spirals", 2012 budget bill is basic; used for the pillar.

We have power over difficulties

At the time of the opening of a port of 1859, Yokohama that was only less than 100 ghost towns is big city of our country second having a population of 3.69 million people now. We climbed over ups and downs, the Great Kanto Earthquake, the world financial crisis, war damage, the requisition of raw silk trade, many tasks including correspondence to population to increase explosively the other day.

Ancient people always invested point of the times in reading, the future. Rich green, Yokohama Bay Bridge, Minato Mirai 21 which are left in port leading to the world, the suburbs part. Pacifico-yokohama and Minato Mirai hall on behalf of our country. These resources support life of citizen's all of you and economy of Yokohama, and they attract people and company as face of "international city Yokohama" from home and abroad.

And it is citizen power of Yokohama that supported development of Yokohama all through the ages.

Active eagerly are so that it is continued living in area where people of advanced age of single life lived so long. I called at the spot of food distribution service and dinner party that watched, and were continued for 30 years or more in Nakayama-machi of activity and Midori Ward of Sakae Ward national rice field housing complex, and I was really impressed with figure and the acting power that citizen's helped each other together and assisted.

It is that woman full of will to act comes much accordingly that entrance applications to nursery school continue increasing and is proof indicating potence of growth of Yokohama.

There are teachers whom we devote ourselves to the school spot and educate, and, let alone PTA, many various places such as fair of gakuentai and father and Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, mall, company lend power.

It is "citizen power" that Yokohama boasts of G30 motion aiming at reduction of garbage having made wonderful result definitely.

In now in the hard times when it is hard to be able to see the future, we draw all charm of Yokohama to the maximum and must let you show synergism.

Therefore I push forward four challenges as dynamic "investment" to raise growth power of city.

Challenge to connect vitality to next-generation Yokohama

The first is challenge to connect vitality to next-generation Yokohama.

In 2060 about 50 years later, total population of our country decreases more than 40 million people and, according to the estimation that National Institute of Population and Social Security Research announced in this January, becomes 86.74 million people. Population equal to Tokyo and 6 prefectures of the Kanto district decreases really. And elderly people 65 years or older come to occupy 40% of total population.

Population increases so far in Motoichi, and it is said that the tendency continues by estimate until 2020. However, for these past several years, population that increased by around 20,000 remained in 2,218 lowest-level increase in the past every year in 2011. We have begun to already decrease from 18 years when we see productive population. Active play labor generation decreases without being able to expect, and so-called "population bonus" in prospect of economic growth that already assumed abundant work force background enters in the times when it is difficult to maintain vitality.

Elderly person plays an active part lively to develop Yokohama powerfully in future, and social, woman advances and children and young man do above all in society which can have hope in the future.

Challenge to disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage

The second challenge is early enhancement of "reduce disaster damage" minimizing damage at the time of earthquake disaster measures and disaster occurrence measures.

Day of the Great East Japan Earthquake was still cold day of March. That momentary strain frozen hard still revives.

In April, I heard from affected areas, too. We moved based in Sendai, but there was cityscape almost same as before earthquake disaster in center of city. However, scenery changed completely after a certain road when we went to coastal area, and scene that level ground meandered jumped into eyes. If tsunami did not come, in this scenery, there should have been figure of smile of family and conversation between neighborhoods and people who worked.

We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to all of you suffered from by the Great East Japan Earthquake again.

It is said that earthquake of metropolitan area subjacency type will occur with high probability in the near future. We move up disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage measures with sense of speed and carry out even if in severe financial status and look after security, relief of citizen's somehow or other. And we will continue support of all of the affected areas from now on.

Challenge to the making of city to be able to be proud of to the world

The third is "challenge to the making of city to be able to be proud of to the world" that domestic and foreign people come for impression in Yokohama repeatedly.

In our country, investment in culture and art was often considered to be the second. However, we did it in one of eyes how music and sports gave hope and courage to live to people after great earthquake disaster of last year. It mentions genuine culture art, and it becomes pabulum surviving the hard times to bring up sensitivity. Soul begins to spin shaken impression, and people are attracted naturally in comfortable city in space and time sharing the impression.

Music, drama, "genuine article" which almost always shakes soul including sports root in international city representing the world. People touch "genuine article" and, for the powerful charm and charm to be impressed by, visit detached room, the town from daily life.

Stronghold of the Bolshoi Theater Ballet which sparkled in world top, the Bolshoi Theater of Moscow spent time and nearly 50 billion yen of six years and reopened last year. We hear that reservations from ballet fans of the world flood in when we want to see the best stage in new theater. When it is serious status, we are proud of company being invited to opening reception of art exhibition with citizen supporting art museum of New York.

Citizen is proud of theater and artist of our town, and such a city that touch genuine culture art close, and can bring up rich sensitivity is made really strategically, and children boast of firm presence and overwhelming dispatch. Domestic and foreign people are attracted very much, and many people come and go, and that leads to business opportunity.

In Yokohama, I am convinced that I may line up in such a city.

We step forward to the first step to new challenge to have culture art and economic growth, city with this spiritually rich depth where two were tied to.

Challenge to new big city system

Finally it is the fourth challenge. We realize new big city system that big city Yokohama can fully show original power in response to request of the times.

Collective strength to possess of big city was proved by the Great East Japan Earthquake. It was talked about purpose to be because there were the results that took good care of direct relations with usually citizen's as collective strength as big city and the basic local government in Mayor Okuyama of Sendai-shi having been able to work on restoration, revival with sense of speed.

The way of big city system attracts much interest and comes to be argued in earnest.

The 30th Local Government System Research Council is established in the country and obtains opportunity when I insist on the need of big city system as temporary committee member.

We let you expand authority and resources of "the basics municipality" which took snuggle administrative services on civic life, and aim of big city system that Yokohama aims at is to allow you to show vitality as city to the maximum. And we compete while deepening world city and interchange and pull Japanese economy. We realize such big city system namely "special self-government city" somehow or other.

(2012 budget bill)

Then two viewpoints of "the making of "relief, symbiosis" person" and "impression, challenge" "town planning" will explain concrete business deployment in budget bill mainly on main business to plan new expansion in 2012 to realize these challenges.

The making of "relief, symbiosis" person

We prepare for disaster

At first, we make "relief, symbiosis" of the first viewpoint people.

Primarily we make use of lesson of the Great East Japan Earthquake and make Yokohama town resisting disaster. We include budget about six ward offices to push forward seismic strengthening of city school about public building, and to reinforce all ward government building becoming base of anti-disaster measures against earthquakes by 2015. About private building, we push forward earthquake-resistant diagnosis, repair furtherance of wooden house and apartment, special-use building sequentially. We maintain review and tsunami warning transmission system of disaster preparedness plan to strengthen anti-stress to crisis and strengthen firefighting power sequentially. And we continue the measurement of radiation doses such as inspection of radioactive materials such as ingredients for school lunch of school and nursery school and the measurement, Mike Rothe pot measures of air dose, export container and perform to send relief to citizen's all of you. About problems such as sewage sludge destruction by fire ash, we will make an effort sequentially to be able to understand to citizen's all of you and people concerned.

We protect child

Then, about environmental maintenance for child including nursery school waiting-list child cancellation to be born and raised in good health, we work as the most important problem.

At first, by maintenance of nursery school, we receive and expand shuttering more than 4,900 people to achieve waiting-list child cancellation of April, 2013 somehow or other. We take every means from hard soft both sides including utilization of childcare concierge whom we posted in each ward. There is not break after elementary school entrance to school; push forward elementary school student upbringing promotion business sequentially after school to be able to support.

By obstetrics, pediatric care measures, we maintain "obstetrics base Hospital" enriched by the acceptance system of perinatal emergency patient three by the end of 2013. Therefore we appoint 3 hospitals this year as preparations hospital and perform plural duty of obstetrics doctor by taking turns. In addition, about Subsidies for Medical Expenses for Pediatric Treatment, we extend the furtherance for going to hospital medical expenses to "to first grader" from "until attendance at school" from October. Because it is child abuse measures-related and increases ward offices placing psychology temporary worker and strengthens the consultation system at ward office window, and protection strengthens support to necessary elementary school student, we maintain protection place at northern part children's guidance office 1:00.

We support learning

And we invest in education of children carrying the future positively. It increases the dispatch number of times to elementary school of counselor whom psychological support of teachers advises, everyone, of child and protector to find time when teachers face child based on voice of educational front. Elementary school student support exclusive duty teacher aims at locating in all elementary schools by 2014 and we add in 70 2012 and do with 210 totals. We post assistant English teacher in all junior high schools by permanent residence by 2014 to plan upbringing of English practical communicative competence. We push forward air-conditioner setting to the city school whole school until 2013 sequentially and maintain education environment of child.

We send relief

In addition, "securing of relief" is basic of daily life. As administrative duty, we find safety net to be poor in life, and to support lone people from all around and send relief to all citizen's. Members of working support specialty that we placed in each ward are increased and perform advice of offer and job hunting method of position offer information to person who is on welfare and support working. We further carry out support of snuggle type with two wards to support child and young people's independence with difficulties. About stop-at-home and young man of occupationless state, we perform continuous support such as general consultation or working experience.

We push forward maintenance of small scale multifunctional model home care office to support life in area of elderly people needing care 24 hours a day, every day positively to have you live in area that lived so long in peace. In total in area of single life elderly people watch, and promote activity. We push forward maintenance of special elderly nursing home sequentially.

In the field of the obstacle welfare, we carry out reliable measure for the future steadily. We provide information about movement unitarily and we further install "moving information center" coordinating service with three wards and do with six wards for total. In municipal hospital and the area core Hospital, we carry out short stay by hospitalization to reduce care burden on families of at-home seriously ill mind and body child with a disability person needing medical care. Intellectual child with a disability facility "tree school" performs privatization and basic investigation for redevelopment to secure desirable living environment.

We make area

And we expand "area administration subsidy" to work on problem solution while various main constituents including Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations cooperating, and collaborating, and to make attractive area that it is easy to live for and the ward station cooperates and pushes forward general area support. In addition, we coordinate 28 University and cooperation with area to have campus in the city to be able to connect to solution to local problem and activation of local contribution activity.

"Impression, challenge" town planning

We call in people and are connected to the world

The next viewpoint is "impression, challenge" town planning.

Primarily, with culture art, sports as driving force, we call in people. We launch new symbolic business of Yokohama to develop on dance, music, three themes of art every one year that culture art of world standard makes device which we can enjoy if we go to Yokohama of this time and fixes bustle of town every year. We start festival "Dance (dance) Dance (dance) Dance (dance) @ (at) YOKOHAMA (Yokohama) 2012" (nimaruichini) of dance in July for three months and finish dyeing Yokohama in one color of dance this year. Four support to professional sports team that are property of Yokohama adds pressure sequentially. We fix information sharing and the promotion system to perform reinforcement and strategic effect-like promotion to disseminate information of of Yokohama-shi in total and raise presence as sightseeing, MICE city. Deepen and, through Yokohama holding of the fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development of next June, connect interchange for civic level and business with Africa holding the key to world growth with development of Yokohama economy. We push forward Y-PORT business which utilizes techniques that citizen cooperates, and resources and the city medium and small-sized business of Yokohama have, and performs solution support of city problems such as rising nations. In addition, we push forward interchange with each overseas city and carry out role in international community desiring peace and development well.

We lead environmental measures

Then, in the environmental field, we build sustainable low-carbon society, and Yokohama-shi leads environmental measures. We realize coexistence of environmental measures and economic growth, so-called "green growth" with all of you for fair wind by the choice of environmental city of the future. Specifically, other than the spread of next-generation houses where we introduced in-home energy management apparatus (HEMS) into and the furtherance of home fuel cell, we develop Yokohama smart city project including cooperation and affected areas support with medium and small-sized business powerfully. We let the setting assistance number of PV system for house double and expand the furtherance about electric car.

In addition, we devise "forest of connection" around Japanese yen sea mountain plan to succeed beautiful natural environments of Yokohama well in defense, the future and keep farmland in good condition and promote urban agriculture. By Yokohama green up plan which is the fourth year, we push forward maintenance of forest place and green creation in city area toward accomplishment. In cooperation with all of citizen, the companies, we promote "Yokohama 3R dream (slim) plan" including weight loss, outbreak restraint of garbage sequentially.

We bring growth

And, based on purpose of "the Yokohama-shi medium and small-sized business promotion basics regulations", we promote the city medium and small-sized business by expansion and order promotion of promotion measure to bring growth in Yokohama and perform aggressive investment for future development.

We find medium and small-sized business accommodation including the foundation of "economic measure special fund" 180 billion yen as fund raising measures of all of the medium and small-sized businesses in severe management environment by earthquake disaster, appreciation of the yen and enlarge the furtherance rate to capital spending of power saving, energy saving of small and medium size manufacturing industry to 50%. Furthermore, we push forward support and company invitation of bioindustry. In addition, we expand support of mall. Activation of Yokohama cannot miss support to social advance of woman. About 70% of working woman quits work taking the opportunity of childbirth nationwide when we see. In Yokohama-shi, there is more leaving by work taking the opportunity of childbirth, and labor force as a percentage of the population is lower than average nationwide, and it is the real condition that there are few people finding a job again. If employment rate of woman of our country rises like man by estimate of Goldman Sachs, it is said that we may push up GDP (gross domestic product) up to 15%. I utilize power of woman more and yet more and strongly think in Yokohama and Japan to be well, and to want to come. Therefore we perform administration of start-up office for woman entrepreneur sequentially and hold seminar by top leader playing an active part in various fields and support the carrier formation and the making of network.

We push forward urban infrastructure maintenance to support civic life and Yokohama economy as investment in future development well. By approach for realization of "international container strategy harbor", we strengthen competitiveness by great depth of the water, maintenance of high standard container terminal of Minamihonmoku Wharf and containerized cargo collection of cargo promotion business, and hub port of Yokohama Port promotes making. In addition, we push forward the making of beautiful scenery of port to strengthen charm as harbor city. We undertake an enterprise newly in Yokohama loop-formed northwest line and, by Yokohama loop north line, south line, maintenance of associated street, build beltway network. We conduct an investigation into next-generation general transit system and, with maintenance of East Kanagawa area line, consider sequentially. We realize around Yokohama Station shakeup plan "excitement Yokohama 22" sequentially and push forward town development appropriate for doorway of Yokohama and Kannai, Kangai-District activation follows, too and promotes.

Budget scale

Then, we talk about each accounts budget scale in 2012 to suggest as budget bill.

General account 1.4097 trillion yen
Special accounts 1.3085 trillion yen
Government enterprise accounts 572.4 billion yen
By all accounts sum total, it is 3.2905 trillion yen

It became in this.

As for the general account, it was the second consecutive year of plus budget by increase of 1.6% by the second consecutive year of positive budget, all accounts by 1.4% of increase in comparison with last year.

Of these, about general account budget, we assumed net income sum of city tax with possibility decrease in income of 3.8 billion yen on the annual revenue side in comparison with last year. For the breakdown, as for the personal municipal tax, increase of 5.8 billion yen, corporation municipal tax anticipate decrease of 1.2 billion yen, property tax, urban planning tax with decrease in income of 11.2 billion yen by reappraisal that reflected price fall of land and building by aggravation of corporate earnings accompanied with appreciation of the yen by the abolition of juvenile credit for dependents. Of these, the same amount, financial burdens on city approximately increase with for increased income because reduction such as grant, subsidy from increase and country of district burden accompanied with review of medical treatment for child will be performed based on local discussion with country about increased income by the abolition of juvenile credit for dependents. Therefore, can be also known as decrease in income of 12 billion yen substantially; is in a very severe situation.

We grow 18.1% more when we add business that facilities move up maintenance costs by revision by progress such as aggressive promotion of earthquake disaster measures business and East Kanagawa area line, maintenance of the harbor facilities in 185.6 billion yen, February, 2011, rose 11.3% compared to the previous year and carry out on annual expenditure side. Obligatory expense accounts for 54.9% of whole budget, and it is high ratio sequentially. Of these, aid costs decrease in comparison with last year, but, as for increase, the personnel expenses of 3.8% compared to the previous year, it is 208.5 billion yen, fell 3.3% from a year ago by decrease of separation pay by decrease of superannuitant when influence of reduction of medical treatment for child is excluded.

Correspondence, administrative reform to severe financial status

We worked on various finances to push forward necessary measure even if in severe financial status. At first, we were able to produce approach, 502 cases, resources of 7.8 billion yen secondary to thorough business review for all agencies. In addition, privatization, trust propelled becoming and worked on continuous reform of affiliated organization. We perform review of public facilities and will send administrative reform to lack of resolution in future.

Furthermore, we utilized resources of 2011 and performed invention such as moving up business that we planned in 2012 including city school earthquake proofing measures business in 2011, and carrying out and found resources of 13.5 billion yen and decided to utilize a part deferment of money of corporate accounting drawing out or financial adjustment fund.

Municipal bond issuance

About municipal bond issuance, "Yokohama-shi Middle four years plan" was going to reduce the amount of municipal bond issuance from 2012. However, we received the Great East Japan Earthquake generated after the plan development, and it was necessary to push forward earthquake disaster measures immediately. Therefore, at first, with 24 fiscal budgets, municipal bond to use other than the earthquake disaster measures decided to add municipal bond 11.7 billion yen that was necessary for earthquake disaster measures after having done with 121 billion yen that 5% decreased by compared to the previous year according to the plan aim. Of course, in this year, we maintain surplus of "primary balance of Yokohama method" and assume fiscal discipline budget that we kept.

Then,, with basic policy of municipal administration administration of 2012, we explained summary of budget and bills concerned.

I pushed forward work carefully in the spot until now, and I gave one one result steadily. Big result rises by over-the-counter service of ward office which is the front line contacting with citizen's all of you. By window satisfaction investigation of ward office, we were able to have "satisfaction" or answer, "we were slightly satisfied" from citizen's all of you more than 90% in all 18 wards in 2011. From citizen's where ward office came over to, we have voice, "impression was good by correspondence careful brightly". By going to audio conferencing and ward office with 18 wards of Director General, and having exchanged opinions with the staff directly, administrative services of hospitality penetrated and it was number and appeared. It is joy of the Yokohama-shi staff that citizen's all of you are satisfied and becomes encouragement to be satisfied still more. By letting you show a person's power to the maximum, on the faith of people, improve team power of Yokohama and think that it is administrative reform which is important to connecting with improvement of citizen service.

Councilors entrusted with thought by and together citizen's who run business, everyone, who support Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, area including NPO, everyone, who work, everyone, living in area come to Yokohama while being proud of Yokohama, and loving deeply. With all of you, I perform discussion that stood in discussion about smooth policy and wider standpoint for the future, and I am sincerely proud of there being municipal administration administration based on that in this big city Yokohama.

At the end of the severe selection process of environmental city of the future, it was asked about thought aiming at the choice by the chairperson of selection committee. I replied, "it is for happiness of Yokohama citizen" with conviction. This is the origin facing my municipal administration.

When I call at the top of my voice and continue challenging consistently, and ancient people protect wisdom and courage and bring up and let this Yokohama that we greatly brought up more greatly jump for citizen's, I decide some other time. We would appreciate your your understanding and cooperation sequentially.

Finally we express one more. The Great Kanto Earthquake was generated now about 90 years ago. In the roof of the temporary city hall, 39 Yokohama City Council members of the Diet already open City Counsil in temporariness and, as hatsuwazawaigo only 10th, begin discussion. Feeling and a sense of responsibility to love hot thought, Yokohama to Yokohama revival of members of the Diet at that time are unbroken, and they are succeeded at the present. I am really stouthearted, and I think that I can exchange discussion with passion to be for the future of councilors overflowing in tradition and dignity and beloved Yokohama. It rises and is full of vigor together and will make city to be able to be proud of to the world.

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