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Procedure, lump sum after childbirth

Last update date December 3, 2019

Birth registration form

Foreigner does not have family register, but must report birth to family register report window of municipality of the location as we receive application of the Census Registration Act when we give birth in Japan. For more details, please see page of birth registration form, death registration/death notification form .

Resident registration

When birth registration form is accepted in the case of foreigner parents together, resident registration is done in state without residence status during 60 days after born day.
When we stay in Japan for a long time from 60 days, the acquisition of residence status is necessary. Please apply to Immigration Bureau for the acquisition of residence status within 30 days from born day.

Health insurance card of baby

Please do participation procedure for employee health insurance of baby as soon as possible if you submit birth registration form. Person taking out National Health Insurance, please tell living ward Insurance and Pension Division after having the following. Please refer to office counter in charge for job joining employee health insurance. Belonging may vary according to types of employee health insurance joining.

Thing which is necessary for report when child was born

  1. Mother and child health handbook
  2. Private seal
  3. Identity verification documents (driver's license, passport, residence card) of person made the next agency

Childbirth childcare lump sum

When is delivered in people having take out Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance in Japan, is payment system in medical facility directly ※Agreement using this is deducted 420,000 yen payment with medical institution when we do. In the case of childbirth in foreign countries, payment system is still less available directly.
In addition, we can receive refund when we do not use payment system directly in Japan when expense required for childbirth does not reach 420,000 yen when we deliver abroad after having the following when we have you apply to living ward Insurance and Pension Division. As you cannot apply when it passes for two years from the next day of day when we gave birth, please be careful.

※Payment system is system that medical facilities perform in substitution for householder by usually performing contract procedure in request procedure of childbirth childcare lump sum which family nurturer performs and medical facility to deliver with receipt directly. Because childbirth childcare lump sum is paid to medical institutions directly when we use payment system directly, payment at the time of discharge becomes needless in childbirth expenses about 420,000 yen minute.

  1. Documents which prove childbirth expense issued by medical institution
  2. Agreement document to exchange with medical institution
  3. Mother and child health handbook
  4. Private seal
  5. Health insurance card
  6. We can confirm bank book or transfer

In the case of childbirth in foreign countries

  1. Documents (as for the certificates of doctor.which prove fact that we delivered Please attach Japanese translation ※.)
  2. The original of passport (passport) of treated person
  3. Written consent (ward office is ready.)
  4. Private seal
  5. Health insurance card
  6. We can confirm bank book or transfer

※We do not take care of all the translators if we can confirm name and address. Even translation of the person does not have any problem.
  Please refer to Insurance and Pension Division of ward to live for the details.

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