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School life

Last update date November 21, 2019

Welcome to school in Yokohama

"School in ... Yokohama life - toward III protector"

We explain school in the elementary and junior high school life of Yokohama-shi. We make with foreign language and easy Japanese (※). When you enter school in Yokohama-shi, please read.
 ※ English, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, Korea, Korean, Portuguese, Vietnamese, plain Japanese



  1. School system
  2. Support that child who does not understand Japanese well can use
  3. School life in Yokohama-shi
  4. Event of school
  5. Subject contents
  6. Club activities
  7. What we know as parent before entering Japanese school
  8. After school was over (primary schoolchild)
  9. Course
  10. Inquiry

  ■ Plain Japanese (PDF: 1,761KB)

  [Japanese parallel translation edition]                [each language version]
  ■ Japanese + English (PDF: 4,437KB)        ■ English (PDF: 1,718KB)
  ■ Japanese + Chinese (PDF: 4,162KB)       ■ Chinese (PDF: 3,241KB)
  ■ Japanese + Tagalog (PDF: 4,012KB)     ■ Tagalog (PDF: 1,773KB)
  ■ Japanese + Korea, Korean (PDF: 4,406KB)    ■ Korea, Korean (PDF: 2,273KB)
  ■ Japanese + Portuguese (PDF: 4,409KB)    ■ Portuguese (PDF: 2,150KB)
  ■ Japanese + Vietnamese (PDF: 4,554KB)     ■ Vietnamese (PDF: 2,332KB)

Contents Contact information
   Thing about Japanese support in elementary and junior high school

 Board of Education Secretariat elementary and junior high school Planning Division (only as for ※ Japanese correspondence)
 Telephone: 045-671-2349
 Fax: 045-664-5499
 E-Mail address [email protected]

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