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We leave infants temporarily

Last update date April 8, 2020

Temporary childcare

When childcare at home is difficult temporarily, child who does not usually use (including nursery school part of Yokohama nersery room, home childcare business and Center for Early Childhood Education and Care) such as nursery schools can leave child at nursery schools by working or illness of childminder.
※Age of child whom we can receive at fee, the use time varies according to conduct facilities.
※The authorization nursery school carrying out childcare at one time is only in 1 garden by night in Yokohama-shi.
 Pegasus night nursery school
 3-24-14, Shinyokohama, Kouhoku-ku

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Childcare temporary on holiday childcare, holiday

When we cannot raise child by working, illness of childminder on Sunday and holiday, we can leave.
Object: Non-school children
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24 hours model urgent temporary childcare

When we urgently need childcare by disease, working of protector, we can leave temporarily. (two city)
Object: Six months ... non-school children after birth

■Blue sky nursery school
5-35-15, Rokukakubashi, Kanagawa-ku

■Konan spring cold nursery school
8-31-36, Hino, Kounan-ku

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Custody childcare in private nursery schools

We assume working of protector requirements, and there are kindergarten, Centers for Early Childhood Education and Care which "keeps, and carries out childcare business such as private nursery schools" which extend, and raise living-in-children from authorized education time. In addition, there is garden carrying out available custody childcare in case such as sudden business.

Infants temporary custody

Want to finish business, want to take a rest a little, and take charge of child regardless of reason temporarily.
Prior registration and reservation are necessary. For more details, please see homepage.
<reference URL> Infants temporary custody business

Yokohama child care support system

"People keeping child" register as member of offer, and "person wanting to take charge of child" supports child care by the whole area as the use member; is charged; assist, and is activity. We perform temporary custody for pickup and drop-off and refreshment to nursery schools.
Participation in enrollment briefing session is necessary on subscribing. It recruits offer members at any time (the training participation required).

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