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Area child care support base

In area child care support base, the protector plays with child before attendance at school and is facility free, to be able to use after the use registration at base of child care support to perform offer of interchanging space, child care consultation, offer of child care information. In addition, we carry out workshops for person concerned with child care support in area.

Last update date March 30, 2020

Summary of area child care support base has a publication on this page

We will go out! Place to stay of parent and child! Temporary custody information of & child

Area child care support base of each ward

List of area child care support bases


Name of the facility

The location



Green leaves _rafuru (the outside site)

1-4, Aobadai
Aoba fire department Aobadai firefighting branch office compound facility the sixth floor


Tokyu Denentoshi Line "Aobadai" 3-minute walk
rafurusateraito (the outside site)

1152-25, Ichigaocho
The first floor


Tokyu Denentoshi Line "Ichigao" 7-minute walk
AsahiBasking in the sun (the outside site)1-67-4, Futamatagawa


Sotetsu "Futamatagawa" 7-minute walk
SpringWe do (the outside site)Izumi-Chuo south 5-4-13
Sotetsu Izumichuo building 209


Sotetsu "Izumichuo" 1-minute walk
Isogoiso piyo (the outside site)

Forest 1-7-10
towaishia Yokohama the second floor of Isogo


JR "Isogo" 1-minute walk
Kanagawakanachie (the outside site)1-29, Higashikanagawa
Eastern part of kanakku city nursing the third floor of the building


It is Keikyu "Nakakido" 3-minute walk JR "Higashikanagawa"
KanazawaPitter-patter (the outside site)

5-6, Noukendaihigashi
The second floor


Keikyu "Nokendai" 5-minute walk
Konanhatchi (the outside site)

2-4-6, Hino
The second floor of 1,


Subway "Konanchuo" 5-minute walk
Kohokudoroppu (the outside site)3-57-3, Okurayama


Toukyu Toyoko Line "Okurayama" 10-minute walk
doroppu satellite (the outside site)3-1-7, Tsunashimahigashi

045-633 - 1078

Toukyu Toyoko Line "Tsunashima Station" 8-minute walk
Sakaenikorinku (the outside site)711, Katsuracho


JR "Hongodai" 15-minute walk
SeyaWe work as iron and others in this (the outside site)469, Futatsubashicho, Seya-ku
The first floor of the Seyamaru, contact building


Sotetsu Line "Mitsukyo" 12-minute walk
TsuzukiPopola [popora] (the outside site)1-1-3, Nakagawachuo
The fifth floor where shopping town wants to match


Subway "Centerkita" 2-minute walk
Popola [popora] satellite (the outside site)

4035-1, Ikebemachi
La La Port the third floor of Yokohama


JR Kamoi Station 7-minute walk
Yokohama municipal bus 124 system La La Port Yokohamanishi 5-minute walk

Tsurumiwakkunhiroba (the outside site)38-4, Toyookacho


JR "Tsurumi" 10-minute walk
wakkunhiroba satellite (the outside site)1-4-51, Shitte


JR "Shitte" 8-minute walk
Tozukatottono bud (the outside site)

91-1, Kawakamicho
Morella the third floor of Higashitotsuka


JR "Higashitotsuka" 3-minute walk
tottono bud satellite (the outside site)

957-1, Kamikuratacho
Villa cherry blossoms the first floor


JR, subway "Tozuka" 6-minute walk
Mediumnombirinko (the outside site)

Sumiyoshicho 1-12-1
belle the third floor of Yokohama Building


JR "Kannai" 4-minute walk
The westSmile port (the outside site)

3-3-1, Minato Mirai
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Yokohama Building the third floor of the shopping plaza


Minato Mirai Line "Minato Mirai" 5-minute walk
A JR, subway "Sakuragicho" 10-minute walk


kokkoro (the outside site)

2-5, Kawabecho
Park tower Yokohama the first floor of Hoshikawa


Sotetsu "Hoshikawa" 3-minute walk
Greenippo (the outside site)817-8, Tookaichibacho


A JR Yokohama Line "Tokaichiba" 3-minute walk
The south

Tree (the outside site) of tear off, tearing off (support room)

4-115, Tooricho
Aisle in Gumyoji the second floor


Subway "Gumyoji" 0-minute walk, Keikyu "Gumyoji" 7-minute walk

Tree (the outside site) of tear off, tearing off (interchange space)

158, Gumyoujicho culm 1
Room 201


Subway "Gumyoji" 4-minute walk, Keikyu "Gumyoji" 3-minute walk

Other than area child care support base about place to stay of parent and child "let's go out! We can look for from place to stay of parent and child.

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Telephone: 045-671-4157

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