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City Counsil

Last update date May 25, 2020

City Counsil and the mayor

We set budget and the regulations of local public entities such as the prefecture or city and discuss policy of municipal administration, and, based on decision of legislative organ and assembly to vote for, there is actually executive organ running municipal administration.
In the case of Yokohama-shi, the mayor or Board of Education, board of elections, checkup committee fight executive organ City Counsil in legislative organ.
We aim at administration of better municipal administration that has a relation, and finds fair administration by each other's checks and harmony, and respected citizen's intention such as "important pair" that City Counsil and the mayor take municipal administration in situation of independence, equality.

Structure of City Counsil

Member of the Diet

City Counsil is comprised of direct vote of inhabitants with the right to vote by elected member of the Diet.
We set the member of the Diet fixed number of City Counsil of 86 people by the regulations.
Councilor is elected for each 18 administrative sections, but can decide the number of members of the Diet elected in each ward in proportion to the population.
Term of councilor is set with four years.

The chairperson and vice-president

The chairperson and vice-president are chosen from member of the Diet by election.
We keep order of assembly hall that the chairperson represents City Counsil and runs the proceedings smoothly. In addition, it gathers various desk work of City Counsil, and it is job of the chairperson to handle.
In addition, vice-president performs duties of the chairperson when the chairperson cannot perform duties for business trip or disease.


In City Counsil, members of the Diet with same principles, claim gather and form denomination and work. We can decide in proportion to the number of the belonging members of each denomination at remark time in plenary session.

Regular assembly and extraordinary session of a local assembly

In City Counsil, there are "regular assembly" called regularly four times a year and "extraordinary session of a local assembly" which is called only for the item when it is necessary.

Administration of City Counsil

Plenary session

We are comprised of all the members of the Diet, and plenary session is meeting deciding intention of City Counsil. Opinion expressions as bill and City Counsil submitted to City Counsil are finally voted all for in the plenary session.

The Standing Committee

As it is not effective to discuss all bills carefully in plenary session, we set up the Standing Committee according to the jurisdiction station of executive organ of city and examine bill or petition, petition.

The City Counsil governing board

The City Counsil governing board is set up as place in coordination with opinion of each denomination, and discussion is performed about various matters in City Counsil administration by representative of each negotiations denomination (more than five belonging members of the Diet). In addition, we perform examination such as bill or petition, petitions such as the regulations about City Counsil.

Special committee

It is committee set up as needed we examine about discussion case (specific problem of municipal administration determined by decision of City Counsil) or to research. In each special committee, we perform exchange of opinions between committee members, example inspection or witness hearing.
In addition, it is custom every year besides that the budget first, budget second special committee and the financial statements first, financial statements second special committee are installed to examine original budget and financial statements.

Citizen and City Counsil

Petition and petition

When there are opinion and request about municipal administration, anyone can submit petition and petition to the City Counsil chairperson.
When submit petition, need introduction of councilor, but, in the case of petition,; it is not necessary.
We decide "adoption" or "non-adoption" in plenary session after having examined in the case of petition in the Standing Committee and notify petitioner of the result.
After referring to the Standing Committee, and having reported the examination result to plenary session, in the case of petition, we notify petitioner of petition about decision of engine intention of assembly including thing requesting that assembly submits statement of position to administrative agency concerned.
About petition about request to other administration, the chairperson finds answer of the mayor and notifies petitioner of so.
※As you may do with the handling not to demand answer from examination or the mayor in committee depending on contents of petition, please be careful.

Information for hearing

Plenary session, committee of City Counsil are released. Person that hearing is hoped for, please receive grant of pass to a court hearing at hearer reception desk of City Counsil assembly hall on that day.
In addition, board member which plenary session, budget, Special Committee for Annual Settlement of Accounts, all the members meeting, permanent post, administration, special committee, special committee install can see broadcast in monitor of City Counsil assembly hall. Procedure in particular is not necessary. Come to City Counsil assembly hall on that day.

Reading of record

We can read minutes of plenary session and the Standing Committee, the City Counsil governing board, special committee, budget, Special Committee for Annual Settlement of Accounts, record of all the members meeting on citizen's information center, Chuo-toshokan, each ward library and City Counsil homepage.
※In addition, please inquire for the details to City Council Bureau as time when we started reading varies according to meetings.

Guidance of broadcasting on the Internet

About board member which plenary session, budget, Special Committee for Annual Settlement of Accounts of City Counsil, all the members meeting, City Counsil welcome event, permanent post, administration, special committee, special committee install, we carry out live broadcast and recording broadcast on the Internet.

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Hearing, thing about broadcasting on the Internet

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