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Please cooperate with national census in 2020 (2020 nenkokuseichosanikyoryokushitekudasai)

Last update date August 14, 2020

⽇ bookIn (nihon)House(do) mu(people)All the members(zenin)NumberSoak

⽇ bookIn (nihon),National censusWe do (body result butterfly).
National census(body result butterfly) is 10MON(gatsu) 1SUNIn (nichi)⽇ bookIn (nihon)House(do) HmmOf (people)Number(number)choIt is bemasu (know).

Foreign countryOf (gaikoku)PeopleAs for (people)choIt is bemasu (know)

National census(body result butterfly)LawIn (horitsu)Decision(come) We are waiting. Always⽇ bookIn (nihon)House(do) HmmForeign countryOf (gaikoku)PeopleAs for (people)Answer(kota) must obtain.

OthersAbout (others)shiWe are not (arrive)

Answer(kota) obtaining,StatisticsIt is ((be isolated and is)Number(number)NumberOf obtaining, and gathering up)MakingOnly for (fence result)shiWe are (arrive).Appearance ⼊ state control law of nature(shutsunyukokukanri)The policeOf (keisatsu)The investigationIt is ((do so)EvilIt is ikotooshita (break)People(people)*In (Saga) sukoto),OthersAbout (others)shiWe are not (arrive).

National census(body result butterfly)Serious matterIt is (important)InvestigationIt is (butterfly)

National census(body result butterfly),Foreign countryOf (gaikoku)PeopleAs for (people)Living(ku) rashiyasukunarutamenishiWe are (arrive).

Answer(kota) obtainMethod()

9MON(gatsu) 14SUNIt is 30 from (nichi)SUNBy (nichi),Investigator(chosain) (choIt is beru (know)People(people)) of youHouseIn (say)Questionnaire(chosahyo) (Answer(kota) eoBook(or) kuPaper(chew))Notice(todo) kemasu.

On the InternetAnswer(kota) obtainCase(there is grandmother) (9MON(gatsu) 14SUN(nichi) - 10MON(gatsu) 7SUN(nichi))

English(eigo),Chinese(chugokugo),Korean(kankokugo), VietnamWord() SpainWord() PortugalWord() This is the InternetAnswer(kota) can obtain.
With smartphone, tablet, computer, it is 24Time(jikan) anytimeAnswer(kota) can obtain.
On the InternetAnswer(kota) when obtain, national census (is body result butterfly) online (site of other (another)) (the outside site)See(see) tekudasai.

PaperOf (chew)Questionnaire(chosahyo) (Answer(kota) eoBook(or) kuPaperWe answer in) (chew)Case(there is grandmother) (10MON(gatsu) 1SUN(nichi) - 7SUN(nichi))

PaperOf (chew)Questionnaire(chosahyo) (Answer(kota) eoBook(or) kuPaperIn (chew))Book(or) Please be.SameIn (same)Notice(todo) wasEnvelopeTo (envelope)nyu() rete,MailBy (mail)so(put) give. (Stamp(cut)*(is) ranai)
※Of 27WordsBy (words)Book(or) We wereManualThere is (setsumeisho).

Question(and) igo(a) wase

National censusIt is call center ((body result butterfly)Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications(somusho)Statistics Bureau(toukeikyoku))
Phone number(telephone number) Navigator dial 0570-07-2020
IPTelephone(telephone) 03-6636-9607
Period(we do not work) 9MON(gatsu) 7SUN(nichi) - 10MON(gatsu) 31SUN(nichi)
Time(jikan) 8Time(ji) It is 21 from thisTime(ji) made (⼟ day ⽇It is (on Saturday)⽇ day ⽇(nichiyobi) Celebration ⽇In (shukujitsu)Telephone(telephone) we can do it)
Words(words) English(eigo),Chinese(chugokugo),Korean(kankokugo), VietnamWord() SpainWord() PortugalWord() ThailandWord() NepalWord() firipinoWord() IndonesiaWord() ⽇ book words(nihongo)

Ward office(kuyakusho) ※TelephoneWhen we grind (telephone),Japanese(nihongo)Share(wa) CutPeopleWith (people)SamePlease run in (same)
The ward name(cross and is) Phone number(telephone number)
Aoba Ward(aobaku) 045-978-2205
Asahi Ward(asahiku) 045-954-6012
Izumi Ward(izumiku) 045-800-2315
Isogo Ward(isogoku) 045-750-2316
Kanagawa Ward(kana is heated) 045-411-7014
Kanazawa Ward(kanazawaku) 045-788-7712
Konan Ward(kounanku) 045-847-8308
Kohoku Ward(kouhokuku) 045-540-2213
Sakae Ward(sakaeku) 045-894-8315
Seya Ward(seyaku) 045-367-5615
Tsuzuki Ward  (tsuzukiku) 045-948-2215
Tsurumi Ward(tsurumiku) 045-510-1660
Totsuka Ward(totsukaku) 045-866-8315
Naka Ward(write) 045-224-8116
Nishi Ward) equal to ( 045-320-8315
Hodogaya Ward(bake) 045-334-6206
Midori Ward(midoriku) 045-930-2212
Minami Ward(minamiku) 045-341-1227

About this pageQuestionThere is (question)Time(time)

Question(question) what want to do

Contact(renraku) place to do
"National censusAbout (body result butterfly)

Policy Bureau General Affairs Department statistics Information Systems Section(seisakukyokusomubutoukeijohoka) (Japanese(nihongo))
Telephone(telephone): 045-671-4207
Fax: 045-663-0130
E-Mail address [email protected]

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