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Last updated date: 2019/3/22

Additional explanation for the Monthly Statistics report

  • The monthly statistics reports include various data such as the result of the port statistical survey on vessels and cargo which moved between the Port of Yokohama and various domestic or foreign ports, the various materials related to Port of Yokohama as prescribed by the Ministry of Transport Ordinance No. 13 1951 based on the Statistics Law in Japan.
  • Every vessel more than 5 gross tons is subject to the port statistics survey regardless of whether or not it is carrying cargo.
  • Every cargo carried by a vessel or barge is subject to the port statistics survey.
  • Cargo volume unit is indicated "Tons". Freight ton is used in principal. 1.133 cubic meters (40 cubic feet) in volume or 1,000 kg in weight is counted as one ton. Additionally, as a general rule, the cargo volume in port statistics is calculated by using the greater number in either volume or weight.
  • Container throughput in port statistics is calculated by using Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (TEU).
  • The total container throughput in port statistics is rounded off and thus is sometimes slightly inaccurate.
  • "-" marks in the table mean "nil".
  • "…"marks in the table mean "comparing with the previous year is difficult due to the modification of goods classification".
  • Total number in port statistics table is the cumulative value from January in the year.
  • There are 82 varieties of goods classification in accordance with "the port statistics classification varieties table".

The monthly statistics report is subject minor changes.

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