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Transportation relations

Last updated date: 2019/3/7

Incentive for ecoship

Green Award

Yokohama Port started the incentive for the ship in consideration for environment in April, 2017. Entrance fee 15% of certification ships of two incentive systems (Environmental Ship Index and Green Award) reduce taxes. As for joining both systems, Yokohama Port is the first in Japan.
(Photograph of The Mayor of Yokohama and Director of Green Award foundation)

Document: "Manual of Incentive for ecoship" (PDF: 664KB)

LNG bunkering

City of Yokohama intends to build LNG bunkering hub in the Port of Yokohama in cooperating with the national government and private sectors. There are many advantages as a LNG bunkering hub in the Port of Yokohama as follows; (1) There are many existing LNG bases located next to the port. (2) The operation of a LNG-fuelled tugboat "Sakigake" is started in 2015, so know-how of LNG bunkering is accumulated. (3) The Port of Yokohama is located on the Pacific side and it serves as the first or last bunkering base in the Asian side of the Trance Pacific route.

LNG bunkering

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