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What we want to convey from the mayor (we do and grow) of Yokohama-shi (better in the side)

Last updated date: 2020/4/23

It is message for everybody from the mayor (we do and grow) of Yokohama-shi (in the side, better)

Receive emergency declaration (kinkyujitaisengen) (u); request for ketenominasanhenoo (nega) i
 Please make cooperation (kyoryoku) so that new (it hits) shii coronavirus does not spread.
 1. You appear as much as possible, and please do not run.
 2. In supermarkets, bai i thing (thing) is made. There is no necessary (need) to put a lot of bai.
 3. Facility (shisetsu) may not do the use (riyo) partly (ichibu). Hospital (byoin) or train (we do not appear if we do), bus can do the use (riyo).
 4. As for shu (atsu) maru events, wish (nega) lets you be by cancellation (chushi) many people (people).
 5. It is ketekudasai sequel to (tsuzu) in "a cough (a cough) etiquette" by "hand (te) sen (fault) u".
 6. People (people) are shu (atsu) mari, other people and close (chika) zukukotoha hi ketekudasai in place that ventilation (kanki) has bad.

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