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Receive emergency declaration (kinkyujitaisengen) (u); request for ketenominasanhenoo (nega) i

Last updated date: 2020/4/30


NewlySo that shii coronavirus does not spread (hit) Cooperation(kyoryoku) please do.
1. As much as possibleAppearance) which is ( Please do not run.
2. In supermarkets,bai(or) iThing(thing) is made. A lotbai(or) We put thisNeedThere is no (need).
3. A partOf (ichibu)Facility(shisetsu),The use(riyo) may not do it.Hospital(byoin)Train(do not appear if do) buses,The use(riyo) can do it.
4. Of lotPeople(people)shu(atsu) maru eventsCancellation(chushi)Wish(nega) let be.
5. "Hand(te) Thissen(fault) u "A cough(a cough) etiquettezoku(tsuzu) ketekudasai.
6. VentilationIn place that (kanki) has badPeople(people)shu(atsu) mari,OthersOf (others)PeopleWith (people)kin(chika) zukukotohahi) which is ( ketekudasai.

The followingFrom page of (oyster)ConfirmationWe can have (write appoint).

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