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Responding to customer feedback

Final update date March 14, 2019

This section introduces examples of improvements in systems and mechanisms based on "customer voices" sent to Water Works Bureau's system and system improvements.

Price related

1.The fund transfer request form has an unnecessary column for seal request form, the expression of the handling financial institution is easily misunderstood, and it is difficult to use.

Image of Fund Transfer Request Form

→It was reviewed in response to customer feedback. It became easy to see, and there was also one place in seal has become one place. (Fullly revised in March 2011)

2.Notice of renewal of the number of basic units for housework has arrived, but the purpose and text are difficult to understand.

The basic household unit number application system is a system that calculates water charges for each household when one meter is used by multiple households. In August 2010, we sent you information on renewal procedures every three years. Based on the customer's voice, such as the explanation of the guidance is difficult to understand and the way of writing the application is not known, the guidance and application sent in September and March 2011 changed the expression, and it was easy to understand I tried to express it kindly. We will continue to consider improvements.

Construction and repair

1.I drank water without noticing the turbid water. I want more publicity in case of turbid water.

In addition to prior notice, public relations vehicles will be used during construction (water cutoff). (October 2009)

2.About water meter periodical replacement, there was the following voice.

  • The notice was posted to the post, but the previous resident was written on the paper.
  • The postcard of the notice came, but I don't understand the meaning well.

For apartments with many entrances and exits, we changed the work procedure and the schedule of form output, confirmed the customer name a few days ago, and created a notification based on new data. In addition, the phrase "If the customer name is different due to relocation, please forgive me." (February 2010)
The wording has been revised to make it easier to understand the postcard of the notice and the leaflet for posting.

3.The noise from the night work is very noisy and lacks sleep.

We have organized a project team for night construction measures, and have been studying ways to reduce noise and vibration during night construction and to devise public relations (notices to customers) since FY2009.
In order to prevent water leakage accidents, Yokohama City must continue to renew approximately 100 km of aging pipes annually to new earthquake-resistant water pipes out of a total length of 9,000 km. On roads with heavy traffic, there are some places where it is difficult to shift night construction to daytime construction.
However, we are working on the use of equipment with low noise, adopting soundproof sheets, and instructing construction companies on noise reduction during work.

For inquiries about water supply, please contact Water Works Bureau Customer Service Center.

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