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"Hamako Doshi The Watter" Partner Products

Final update date February 19, 2019

Introducing delicious products made with water from "Hamako Doshi The Water".
Try this when you come to Yokohama!

Sweets at Eifuku Noodles

Image of apricot and a beach pudding
Anjin Doshi (left) and Hamakko Doshi pudding (right)

We liked the good taste of "Hamako Doshi The Water" used for noodle making, and decided to use it for sweets.
Smooth apricot tofu and pudding with low sweetness and gentle taste.

Eifuku Men's Mill 2-1-100-81 Rokutsugawa, Minami-ku, Yokohama

  • apricot (apricot tofu)
  • Hamakko Doshi pudding (Caramel flavored pudding)

For inquiries about water supply, please contact Water Works Bureau Customer Service Center.

Water Works Bureau Customer Service Center

Telephone: 045-847-6262 Fax: 045-848-4281
※Please be careful not to make a mistake.

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Water Works Bureau Business Promotion Department Public-Private Partnership Promotion Section

Telephone: 045-671-3084

Telephone: 045-671-3084

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Email address: [email protected]

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