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Water in living

Last update date July 29, 2020

How much is mean consumption?

Mean use quantity of water per day is about 200 liters per person.
This number is just the mean. We change by family constitution and how to handle each family.

How many days is the remainder bath of bath usable?

In a night, numbers of bacteria in the remainder bath are increased several thousand times. One to "be safe until several days" to vary according to environment of bath cannot necessarily say, but recommends what we change every day in the summertime when it is easy to multiply bacteria.
Remainder hot water numbers of bacteria of bath increased to several thousand times by putting overnight after taking a bath by experiment that we performed in Water Works Bureau. Numbers of bacteria per 1 milliliter of remainder hot water multiplied to nearly 2 million in about 1 million, midsummer.

General bacterial figures in the remainder bath
General bacteria in the remainder bath

Is washing tap water? Is it remainder hot water of bath? Which way is good?

Bacteria is not left, and rinse can wash using tap water neatly.
It was revealed that it remained, and bacteria derived from hot water remained to laundry by Water Works Bureau as a result of experiment that we performed when we washed using remainder hot water which we put overnight. In laundry just after dewatering, bacteria of 100,000 per 1 square centimeter remained. After having dried in the room more than 24 hours, only around 1/10 bacteria decreased, and a significant number of bacteria was left in laundry.
Are laundry, smell not precocious?

Image of laundry

In fact, bacteria affects "smell of laundry" felt in the rainy season. We create smell materials as nutrition, and unpleasant smell produces dirt of sebum and protein that kind of "indigenous bacterium" which is to skin of Homo sapiens remained to laundry from laundry. As it is humid in the rainy season, and dehydration of laundry is slow, bacteria multiply, and it is in environment that is easy to make smell material.

How to use good remainder hot water

When we use the remainder bath for washing, let's use "to wash", and to be able to hold. Afterwards, with tap water more than twice (cannot drop at once!) Most of the bacteria derived from remainder hot water can be eliminated if they perform "rinse". If we expose to sunlight and dry, we can sterilize, but smell may occur in the middle of possibility and drying which bacterial carcass remains.
Image of hama pyon

How to use remainder hot water and image of number of bacteria

How long is it effective when we sprinkle?

By "sprinkled water masterpiece war" in each place of Yokohama-shi, it fell 5-10 degrees Celsius at 2 degrees Celsius, road surface temperature at temperature.
Operation sprinkled water is approach for prevention of global warming by to water all at once together at time when we were able to decide, lower temperature by evaporation heat.
Everybody will spend hot summer sprinkling the circumferences of house coolly, too!

Image 1 of sprinkled water

Image 2 of sprinkled water

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