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Health and water

Last update date July 22, 2020

What is effect of hand-washing?

Hand-washing and gargle are preventive basics of various infectious diseases such as influenza.
Bathroom washes away virus which attached to hand and can control invasion from mouths.

Effective how to wash of the hand

Hand touches various things outside, and we are polluted more than expected by bacteria. We wake up infection by finger having invisible pathogen, and entering the body at entrances.
Therefore it washes hand under running water of tap water, and it prevents infectious disease to wash off bacteria.

Procedure of hand-washing

  • You may put foaming palms together and rub soap.
  • We rub to stretch out the back of the hand.
  • We wash fingertip to create circle in one palm.
  • We cross finger and rub together between fingers.
  • We twist the root of thumb and wash and wash.
  • We wash wrist without forgetting.
  • It washes away bubble and dirt under running water neatly.
  • We dry hand with clean towel and dry.
What is effect of gargle?

Hand-washing and gargle are preventive basics of various infectious diseases such as influenza.
Gargle removes virus which already entered mouth. It is effective even if we gargle only with water.

Method of effective gargle

Throat is part exposed to fresh air in the same way as hand directly, too. Much bacteria attaches to throat.
It is prevented infectious disease to enter the body at mouth to wash off bacteria by gargling with tap water, and to wash away pathogen which there is in throat.

Procedure of gargle

  • It washes away water 2-3 times while including, and strongly working as Kucu Kucu.
  • We turn to the top and gargle with around ten times of rattles in the depths of throat (around 15 seconds).
  • We gargle with rattle for finish once again (around 15 seconds).

Influenza information, infectious gastroenteritis information

Prophylaxis of heat stroke?

It is important for the prevention of heat stroke with "hydration" "to avoid heat".
As for the human body, about 60-70% are moisture.
Water becomes blood and body fluid and carries oxygen and nutrition to the whole body and is important element composing cell.
As well as hydration, it is important supplying salt and to avoid heat.

Let's drink water for health

We cannot miss water so that we live. When internal moisture is short, we may cause various health hazards such as heat stroke and cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction. It is important to drink water diligently to maintain health including the prevention of such a health hazard.

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