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Weekly water supply tech job

We send information a week from the Water Works Bureau staff.

Last update date August 3, 2020

Monday, August 3, 2020

Hello. It is 2017 entering the agency, the first batch (the fourth year) of water supply tech job.
The workplace changed by personnel transfers this year, and it increased to learn newly. We change flow of water of big water pipe called "water operation" by the current job and sometimes perform job cutting off water supply for construction mainly. We try so hard that safe tap water is sent to people living in Yokohama-shi.
Well, story changes and introduces examination measures that I practiced a little as it is almost time of civil service examination.
At first, from primary examination…
Being basic (other than numerical handling of civil service examination measures formulas of the reading and writing and mathematics of kanji) that we learned in "art" in junior high school and high school
As I chose engineering works as for "the specialized subject", we reviewed content that dug down a little such as how to make Bernoulli's theorem and flowcharts.
It is second examination next.
As it was important to know oneself, in interview, we took measures against family or friend to recognize appeal point to hear "thinking that it was my good point".
We are happy if we serve as a reference. We are looking forward to the day that everybody passes examination safely and works together.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Hello. It is 2017 entering the agency, the fourth-year water supply tech job.
They entered, and the first workplace performed transportation by water use in the workplace called "the southern area water supply management section". This did calculation of the water pressure, quantity of water, speed of water pipe buried underground called "pipe network calculation" of that purpose by work to decide flow of water in water pipe of downtown mainly. We hear in the way that it is difficult, but there is the training, and don't worry as we can learn well after entering.
We move in "Mitsukyo Channel office" from this April and perform water outage, cleaning work to support investigation, leak of water of water leak and the quality of the water and idiopathic explosion.
By very worthwhile work that can realize that we keep life of local people in the face of importance of water, every day are satisfying.

"It is almost examination application time limit" on Monday, July 20, 2020

It is news from Water Works Bureau personnel department.
Deadline for employment examination application for water supply tech job is 10:00 a.m. (effective to thing which came for Yokohama-shi electron application service by time limit) on Wednesday, July 22.
"Please go through the procedure along "about the Internet application" of Yokohama-shi staff adoption guidance homepage "start".
We look forward to application.

Monday, July 13, 2020 "international contribution of Water Works Bureau"

We introduce "international contribution" this time.
We accept overseas deployment of staff and overseas water supply engineer (member of training) and have been contributing to improvement of water supply business of developing country in City of Yokohama, Water Works Bureau for many years.
We make use of experience by daily duties and, by overseas deployment, are engaged in local problem solution in Asia and each African country. In addition, by acceptance of member of overseas training, we perform the training such as lecture, inspection, training by the staff.
All staff has chance about international contribution. For more details, please refer to approach of international contribution.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Hello. It is Heisei 31 (Raiwa 1) entering the agency, the second-year water supply tech job.
I am conducting affairs about water pipe repair now. We go out and, as well as desk work, often work.
We feel growth and spend satisfying days while being taught various things by the senior staff, and learning every day.
By the way, application for employment examination began on June 25. I was interested in "international contribution" of City of Yokohama, Water Works Bureau two years ago, too and decided examination.
Application for examination is this.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Hello. It is 2017 entering the agency, the first batch (the fourth year) of water supply tech job.
There are the first personnel transfers for oneself and performs driving administrative task this year at water purification plant from April.
At water purification plant, we manage many facilities and facilities appropriately and manage infusion of medicine in the outbreak situation of result of examination of water and living thing included in Haramizu in total and make tap water with 24 hours. It may be difficult to make tap water which 3.7 million Yokohama citizens can drink in peace, but feels that it is job that there are many moments to feel the amount worth doing.

About Monday, June 22, 2020 "house support"

It is introduction of "house support" this time.
As water supply tech job has many people from outside the prefecture, we launch business to lend house temporarily from this year.
Room has good sun, view on the fourth floor.
We can look around cityscape of Yokohama from veranda.
There is Shimin-no-Mori near and can enjoy Yokohama life that there is a lot of greenery.
As for the details, please see this.
Sender: Asset utilization section 2016 entering the agency desk job

Monday, June 15, 2020

Hello. It is 2018 entering the agency the third-year water supply tech job.
Even at the time of disaster, we even usually conduct affairs to manage direction, the quality of the water of quantity and flow of water in water pipe so that water which is beautiful, and is safe from faucet appears.
Nothing knows the channel and entered with being uneasy, but by having learned much knowledge and techniques from senior, work happily now.
There are both desk work and the spot work and is worthwhile as we can do various works.
It is restraining itself under the influence of new coronavirus recently, but it is one of the pleasure that does girls-only gathering with the young staff for the work end!

Monday, June 8, 2020

Hello. It is 2019 entering the agency the second-year water supply tech job.
In the workplace called Kikuna Channel office, we call at home of customer and perform investigation into water leak and quality of the water, water outage for water pipe construction, cleaning work in water pipe.
For work very near customer, we may have words of thanks directly, and such, untying is worthwhile for joy at all.
We grow up remarkably every day as we can be taught work by seniors well on the site (!) We are doing.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Thank you for you seeing.
We will do daily work and life, introduction of system from the Water Works Bureau staff every week from now on.
For reference that everybody thinks about workplace…No, if you can want to find work in City of Yokohama, Water Works Bureau! We are thinking about this.
Thank you.
Sender: All the Water Works Bureau personnel department staff

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