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Living, consumer life consultation of consumers

Last update date May 11, 2020

Consumer administration of Yokohama-shi

・ more and more complicated as for the social situation to surround consumers with progress such as aging, high computerization, globalization
We diversify.
By establishment of "law about promotion of education for consumers" or revision of "the consumers security method", it is improvement of consumer administration
The need is sought of this.
In Economic Affairs Bureau consumption economy section based on such situation,
●Administration (consumer life consultation, conduct of education for consumers, enlightenment business of Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center
Offers of place of activity of consumers)
●The agency inside and outside and cooperation based on "directional (September, 2015) development of Yokohama-shi education for consumers promotion"
Promotion of education for consumers, enlightenment business that we did
●Promotion of cooperation with consumer organizations
●Support to activity of member of Yokohama-shi consumer life promotion
We promote a lot of nadono business and push forward upbringing, support of consumers who can adapt themselves to diversification of social conditions.

Information (the outside site) to alert from consumption economy section

Consumer life consultation information (statistics, open data) (the outside site)

<than The Mayor of Yokohama>
 Trouble about consumer life becomes complicated more and more year by year and diversifies. There is much serious damage, and higher knowledge is necessary for solution. When you want to obtain back ground before time and contract that got into trouble by contract of products, service, please use Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center.
 In Motoichi, we push forward construction of collaboration network in area by cooperation with various places of member of consumer life promotion and local welfare officer, children's committee, local all of you including Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations and company playing an active part in area. Particularly, with various places of the city company by the future, promotion of further information sharing and collaboration of consumers damage of elderly person prevent, and will work secondary to enlightenment business.
 In addition, we push forward various enlightenment activities for adult age reduction of the enforcement in cooperation with related organizations and educational front in April, 2022 by civil law revision and will work on education for consumers to more young fellow.
 We will concentrate power on consumer administration in future to realize comfortable consumer life by security of citizen's all of you.
                                           December 12, 2019 The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi

Consumer life consultation counter
Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center (the outside site)
(to Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center homepage)
TEL: 045-845-6666
Targeting at working, all of the attendance at school living in the city, we accept consultation about contract trouble of products, service.City department in charge consumption economy section
TEL: 045-671-2584

Various information
Council for consumer life based on the regulationsWe discuss investigation and the deliberation about consumer life by the council.City department in charge consumption economy section
TEL: 045-671-2584
Collaboration business of city activity groups and Yokohama-shi"We prevent of consumers damage", and, toward "realization of consumers civil society" (sustainable society), city activity groups and Yokohama-shi perform business by collaboration (consumer life collaboration promotion business).
Consumers damage before the fact prevention by member of consumer life promotion

For "safe community development which does not encounter consumers damage", we introduce about member of consumer life promotion that watches, and works such as the spread, enlightenment or elderly person to area of knowledge about consumer life.


Member of consumer life promotion original character "kashikochan"

Smart consumers columnMalicious business method has trick of fashion. It is important at all to know "law to be held up" to protect example and consumers of the latest damage so that it is not involved in trouble. In this column, we send information about damage examples of the latest consumers trouble.
Place of exchange of opinions of consumers and companyWe hold discussion meeting for mutual understanding so that opinion of consumers is reflected by operation of company.
Consumer protection agreement with company groupPromote voluntary activity of company group, of consumers trouble conclude consumer protection agreement with company group to plan preventing.
Promotion of education for consumersWe plan general promotion based on way of thinking of education for consumers promotion of Motoichi.
Education for consumers in schoolFor education for consumers promotion at school, we are doing reporting about education for consumers including offer information for dispatch lecture/off site lecture and teacher training.
Consumers damage prevention of elderly personIt cooperates with leading figure or the city company which watch in area, and move into action and cooperates and plans consumers damage prevention of elderly person.
Of area watch, and watch in network promotion course area, and notice, and tie! "We prevent and we see and learn point of defense of consumers trouble"We dispatch lecturer for workshop that member of consumer life promotion and all of Neighborhood Association, the Neighborhood Associations hold and event (luncheon party or salon) that we intended for toward the elderly person to prevent consumers damage of elderly person.
Lecturer dispatch that is targeted for local welfare officer children's committee meeting
We want to know only this! "Imminent consumers damage"
We dispatch lecturer for workshop that local welfare officer, children's committees hold and event (luncheon party or salon) that we intended for toward the elderly person to prevent consumers damage of elderly person.
The regulations, rule about consumer lifeWe publish the regulations, rule about consumer life.
The consumer life-related four method indication monitoring businessAt stores, we confirm indication of the Household Goods Labelling Law, safety law for everyday consumer goods, electrical equipment security method, gas business method.
It is activity about "meter" with relation for consumersWe carry out various activities to secure, "we measure" that it is right such as periodical inspection, on-the-spot inspection based on regulations of measurement and various reports.Examination of city department in charge consumption economy section measurement place
TEL: 045-671-2587

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Telephone: 045-671-2584

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