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Measurement-related laws and ordinances

Last update date April 1, 2020

Measurement-related laws and ordinances

Thing about periodical inspection

[PDF]Grounds regulations (PDF: 604KB) to affect periodical inspection undergoing an examination

[PDF]The Yokohama-shi fee regulations (periodical inspection fee) (PDF: 604KB)

[PDF]Yokohama city bulletin (periodical inspection effective time) (PDF: 144KB)

Thing about on-the-spot inspection

[PDF]Product weight conceptual diagram (PDF: 98KB)

[PDF]Specific product and weight clearance list (PDF: 115KB)

Other measurement-related laws and ordinances

We directly input "laws and ordinances name" and "laws and ordinances term", and, about other measurement-related laws and ordinances, please search by e-Gov laws and ordinances search (the outside site).

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