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The accommodation animal information (other animals)

Last update date September 16, 2020

We place information of other animals which did not become clear of owner in this page at the time of the accommodation.
In addition, we cannot accept even if taking care of of animal which other than owner publishes here is hoped for.
As for the dog, cat that transfer is hoped for, please see page to "animal that transfer is hoped" for.

  • Animal publishing may have been already returned to owner.
    In addition, Yokohama-shi animal protection center andEach ward Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation DivisionInformation such as individual protecting as well as this information is sent to this.
    At first, please confirm over telephone by all means to Yokohama-shi animal protection center regardless of corresponding.
  • Please note that publication day may be delayed by the date and time when protection accommodation information was protected.
    (on Saturday and Sunday, we do not update holiday)
  • As clue in search of animal which disappeared, we publish photograph image.
    As you may become indistinct by shooting condition, please match confirmation of animal with letter information by all means.
  • Please note that (animal in injury and excitement state or young animal) may not publish image when photography puts a burden on animal.
  • Return of animal which protects, and was accommodated costs fees. For details, in the case of inquiry, please confirm.

Reference: Animal protection center (Phone: 045-471-2111, FAX: 045-471-2133)

The accommodation animal information
Publication dayThe accommodation day, stowagePhotographTypeSexHair colorsBuildOthers
September 16, 2020

September 15, 2020
Kohoku Ward

Inquiry number 20-091601

Foot ring of pigeon

Domestic pigeonIgnoranceWhite ashMedium

Sickness and wound animal
Foot ring orange to the right foot

Inquiry to this page

Health and Social Welfare Bureau health security department animal protection center

Telephone: 045-471-2111

Telephone: 045-471-2111

Fax: 045-471-2133

E-Mail address [email protected]

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