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Pet measures at the time of disaster

Last update date June 27, 2019

We summarize in guidelines "pet measures at the time of disaster" about pet measures in May, 2011 at disaster of Yokohama-shi.
"Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan" (earthquake disaster measures) of January, 2018 change of "Yokohama-shi evacuation shelter establishment, administration manual" of April,
In addition, on the basis of Ministry of the Environment "people and revision of anti-disaster measures guidelines on pet" (the outside site) carried out in February, 2018, and in February, 2019
We revised "pet measures at the time of disaster".
We have local all of you including person that people, evacuation shelter keeping pet are run understand "pet company evacuation" widely,
Please utilize as guideline to have you push forward the preparation and approach in normal so that confusion in place of refuge does not occur at the time of disaster occurrence.
In addition, please refer as detailed information is placed in Ministry of the Environment homepage (the outside site).

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