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About notes about new coronavirus in apartment

Final update date December 1, 2020

We publish with reference to notes about new coronavirus in apartment.
The following items are difficult to deal with with in a normal management system, so it is desirable to discuss in advance what kind of response can be taken with Residential Association's normal management system. .
※We will update it at any time when new information is issued by national notices.

Please refer to the notes on the new coronavirus in condominiums.
About notes about new coronavirus in apartment (PDF: 381KB)

Response to new coronaviruses in condominiums

  • The personal information of those whose infection has been confirmed in the city grasped by the city public health center announces the age and gender at any time, and announces the number of people in each ward on a weekly basis. We do not announce apartments from the viewpoint of personal information protection.
  • For mild and symptomatic infected people who are treated at home, the City Public Health Center requests that they refrain from going out and avoid contact with people.

(Reference) Bookmark for home and lodging treatment (outside site) (Kanagawa HP)

  • When infected person is confirmed, please talk with ward Health and Welfare Center is confirmed, and act calmly.
  • Regardless of the occurrence of infected people, the following measures are particularly important.

<as Residential Association>

  • Avoid grouping in a space where ventilation is poor and people gather closely. (Use of meeting place by large number of people, etc.)
  • Disinfection of common areas of the facility, such as buttons for elevators and auto locks, doorknobs at entrances and exits, etc. For disinfection of the surface of the object, in addition to ethanol for disinfection, diluted sodium hypochlorite can be used.

(Reference) Prevention and Disinfection of New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases (City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau I

<As a resident>

  • Each resident thoroughly implements preventive measures such as "frequent hand washing" and "cough etiquette".

(Reference) New coronavirus infection control (citizens) (City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

  • Avoid "closeness" especially in closed spaces such as elevators and inner corridors, such as seeing off or using stairs when people are on the elevator.

(Reference) Guide to avoiding the three secrets (external site) (Prime Minister's Office HP)

  • In addition, about general question, please contact "new coronavirus infectious disease call center" (telephone 045-550-5530) of Yokohama-shi.

About holding of general meeting of Residential Association

  • About holding of ordinary general meeting of Residential Association said, "In connection with this new type of coronavirus infection, it is not possible to hold a separate meeting under the law within one year from the previous year's meeting (* general meeting). If this happens, it is sufficient to convene a rally this year after the situation has been resolved and make necessary reports. " Please consider it as appropriate.
  • When holding a general meeting, it is possible to avoid a large number of visitors to the venue using a voting statement or a power of attorney, so please consider appropriate implementation methods according to the situation.

(Reference) The Condominium Management Center organizes information on holding ordinary general meetings and resolution methods in Residential Association's general meeting and resolution methods in Q & A format.
Q & A (external site) on holding a general meeting on the spread of new coronavirus infection

Condominium management

  • In the wake of the announcement of the National Emergency Declaration accompanying the Act on Special Measures against Pandemic Influenza, the management company may be taking measures such as business reduction or partial cancellation. Please check the business structure of the management company in each condominium.
  • Management work entrusted to a management company in each condominium is carried out based on a consignment contract between Residential Association City and the management company. For example, disinfection may not be included in the contract. It is desirable to discuss in advance what kind of measures can be taken between Residential Association.

(Reference) The Condominium Management Association of Japan provides information on the prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infection on its website.
About prevention of spread of infection of new coronavirus infectious disease (outside site) (condominium management business association HP)

About home disposal procedures for New Coronavirus Infectious

  • Collection of garbage and recyclables from homes is an indispensable task for the city's life, so the amount of garbage and recyclables from homes increases, and collection time is delayed. May come out. In particular, please refrain from discharging garbage and recyclables that are not in a hurry, and discharge only garbage and recyclables that are inevitably generated when sending daily life.
  • Let's follow the rules of separation and collection in Yokohama. Also, let's remove the air in the garbage bag because it may burst and the garbage may fly.
  • If a person infected with an infectious disease such as a new coronavirus or a suspected person is at home, pay attention to those points such as masks and tissues with runny nose, etc., and use them as "burnable garbage. Please give me.

    ○Do not touch garbage such as masks directly
    ○Put the garbage bag tightly and seal it.
    ○After throwing away the garbage, use soap and wash your hands thoroughly with running water.

※Garbage and recyclables when a new coronavirus infection or suspected person is at home should be strictly sealed and served as "burnable garbage if you are suspected of having a coronavirus infection. When taking out, take measures to prevent infection by masks, gloves, hand washing after disposal, etc.
※Other than that, please cooperate in separating garbage and resources as usual.

(Reference) Ministry of the Environment "How to dispose of household garbage for infectious disease measures such as new coronavirus" (PDF: 346KB)
(Reference) About home disposal procedures for New Coronavirus Infections (City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau website

Consideration for Human Rights

There have been reports on SNS and other sources that unfounded discriminatory writing for persons infected with the new coronavirus and their families has spread. Please act calmly so as not to lead to human rights violations.
(Reference) Consideration for Human Rights Related to New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases (City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau infection

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