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Hills Minamitotsuka

Final update date February 13, 2019

Overview of the Property

Hills MinamitotsukaNew BuildingRental leases

Location and access

2230-3, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi

JR Totsuka Station bus 9 minutes walk 4 minutes from "Hills Minami Totsuka bus stop"

Authorized company

Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation

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Type of certification and timing of certification

This is the logo for child care support facilities.
Child care support facility

Plan certification:―
Certification: February 12, 2013

Types of local child care support facilities

nursery schoolAozora Acorn Nursery Room

Evaluation of housing

Required items
Residential area Floor slab thickness of 200mm or more Conformity

Recommended items
Structural structure of buildings, etc. Special consideration is given to sound insulation on the upper and lower floors. nonconformity
Structural structure of buildings, etc. Common facilities such as meeting places and kids rooms Conformity
Building layout plans, etc. There is a square where children can play on the premises. nonconformity
Building layout plans, etc. The site is green. nonconformity
Building layout plans, etc. The road around you can walk safely Conformity
Plans and facilities The fittings are hard to pinch fingers. nonconformity
Plans and facilities Sink is installed in the balcony. nonconformity
Plans and facilities The entrance is wide, benches can be set up, and there is space for strollers. nonconformity
Plans and facilities You can devise planning, such as partitioning, as your child grows up. nonconformity
Plans and facilities There are many spaces for closet, storeroom, and other storage. nonconformity
Consideration for anti-crime program Consideration anti-crime program measures are applied to windows. nonconformity
Consideration for anti-crime program Consideration A third party cannot easily enter the common area. nonconformity
Consideration for anti-crime program Consideration I have a good watch. nonconformity

Child care support message from company

Access by abundant bus to Tozuka Station, a major terminal that is a subcenter and commercial facilities in Yokohama.
A 5-minute walk to elementary schools, supermarkets and drugstores in a quiet living environment with a park in front of you. The dwelling units are all facing south and are sunny.
Housing with rent subsidy of up to 40,000 yen per month "Child care Ribuin" is also being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis!

Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation

※Please be careful
"Child care support message from company" publishes comment by authorized company for the purpose of reporting about authorized apartment, but Yokohama-shi guarantees completeness, accuracy, usefulness of contents Not a thing.

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