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Brote Okurayama

Final update date July 15, 2020

Overview of the Property

Brote OkurayamaNew BuildingRental leases

Location and access

4-991, Okurayama, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi and others

A 9-minute walk from Okurayama Station in Toukyu Toyoko Line

Authorized company

Peaulia State Co., Ltd.

Type of certification and timing of certification

Logo for housing and child-raising support facilities.
Housing & Child Raising Support Facility

[Planning certification] December 1, 2009
[This certification] October 24, 2011

Types of local child care support facilities

nursery schoolAsku Okurayama Nursery School

Evaluation of housing

Required items
Residential area More than three-quarters of the total is more than 55 square meters. Conformity
barrier-free Site, corridor of common use section, no steps in each residence, installation of elevators


(Partial exemptions)

Sound shielding Floor slab thickness of 200mm or more Conformity

Recommended items
Structural structure of buildings, etc.

Special consideration is given to the sound shielding of the upper and lower floors.

Structural structure of buildings, etc. Common facilities such as meeting places and kids rooms Conformity
Building layout plans, etc. There is a square where children can play on the premises. Conformity
Building layout plans, etc. The site is green. Conformity
Building layout plans, etc. The road around you can walk safely nonconformity
Plans and facilities The fittings are hard to pinch fingers. nonconformity
Plans and facilities Sink is installed in the balcony. nonconformity
Plans and facilities Genseki has a wide space between the soil, a bench can be set up, and there is space for a stroller. nonconformity
Plans and facilities What a planning husband can do, such as being able to partition according to the child's growth nonconformity
Plans and facilities There are many spaces for intrusion, storage, and other storage. Conformity
Consideration for anti-crime program Consideration anti-crime program measures are applied to windows. Conformity
Consideration for anti-crime program Consideration A third party cannot easily enter the common use department. Conformity
Consideration for anti-crime program Consideration The eyes of the surveillance reach Conformity

Child care support message from company

In the summer of 2010, a “child care support condominium” will be born in a place where the “Okurayama brand” has been established as a residential area! !
Providing a safe and secure environment for children, relieving the stress of raising children,
We have been planning to lead to regional revitalization.
A green mini-park spreads out at the entrance of the two-story atrium.
The common area is a kids room and party room where children can be satisfied,
We have a lounge, a place to form a community for child-rearing moms.
Of course, the dwelling unit is fully satisfied with the needs of daddy moms.
This condominium has a universal design.
Peaulia State Co., Ltd.

※Please be careful
"Child care support message from company" publishes comment by authorized company for the purpose of reporting about authorized apartment, but Yokohama-shi guarantees completeness, accuracy, usefulness of contents Not a thing.

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