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Temporary offer (new coronavirus infectious disease relations) of Municipal Housing to discharged person

Last update date September 7, 2020

By discharge accompanied with influence of expansion of new coronavirus infectious disease, we provide to house which came to have difficulty in security at 1:00 of Municipal Housing.

Condition of use

Person whom we can use

Person who can confirm that we meet all next by documents.

  • In Yokohama-shi residence or working (including that was discharged from this time)
  • What we are forced to withdrawal by by discharge from the employment with influence of infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease from house which, in fact, lives

(example) to be forced to withdrawal by from house which was able to live by to be forced to withdrawal by from house which the employment including company dormitory and company house leased by discharge, decrease of income

Period when we can use

Original six months (by the situation until up to 12 months we can extend.)

The fee for use

Burdens such as the fee for use

  • The fee for use…In list of target houses sum (please pay the fee for use for this month, next month by the use start date.) with mention
  • Deposit…Unnecessary
  • Photothermal water costs, utility fee…User burden

※Please refer for households where person is with severe disorder by application in one which may reduce a half of the fee for use.

Target house

List of target houses
Ward House (the location as master) Layout The planned fee for use (Japanese yen)

Municipal Noba house
(635, Nobacho)

3DK 19,300-22,800

Municipal Kawaihoncho house
(57-8, Kawaihoncho)

3DK 37,100-39,200

Municipal Yatsu Tahara apartment house
(1641-8, Kitahassakucho)

3DK 28,700-33,900

Municipal Uenohara green apartment house
(7-33-15, Nagatsutaminamidai)

3DK 35,400

Municipal management Tokaichiba leech town
(1258, Tookaichibacho)

1LDK - 3LDK 27,000-38,500

Municipal Katsuta house
(266-1, Kachidacho)

2DK - 3DK 17,400-32,500

Municipal Kamiiida house
(1331, Kamiiidacho)

2K - 2DK 17,300-19,400

Municipal Minamidai apartment house
(1-3-1, Minamidai)

3DK 30,500-32,900

Municipal management Hashido original apartment house
(1-31-1, Hashido)

3DK 31,900-32,300

※It becomes first-come-first-served basis from person who took application.
※The number of houses and target houses may increase depending on the situation in future.
※The fee for use varies according to area of room.

Application for use

Application method

Prior confirmation of user qualification

As you confirm whether you meet requirements, before application, please call Municipal Housing section (045-671-2923).

Application submission of documents (mail)

After the confirmation over telephone, please send application documents to Municipal Housing section by mail.

Please obtain application style by downloading, fax from Municipal Housing section or mail.


Permission to use Municipal Housing purpose outside application (PDF: 119KB) (entry example) (PDF: 129KB)

※By one piece is necessary in the moon which you wish to use.

Attached documents (for each one copy)
  • Documents (quitting a job certificate, dismissal notice, payslip) which prove that quitting a job or income decreased
  • Documents (notice of withdrawal, house lease agreement) which prove that we were forced to withdrawal of house
  • Copying (issued within three months thing with mention of all the people using Municipal Housing) of resident certificate
Person (only as for the eligible people) who wish to reduce the fee for use

When you wish to reduce the fee for use in household corresponding to any of the following requirements, you put the next documents together, and please submit.

List of target requirements
Contents such as obstaclesClass
Certificate of the physically disabledThe first grade, the second grade
Notebook of loveA1, A2
Mental patient health welfare notebookThe first grade
Disability pensionThe first grade
War disabled notebookSpecial clause symptom - Paragraph 6 symptom, the first subsection symptom
Atomic bomb exposedAuthorization of the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
Bedridden elderly personBedridden elderly person who receives authorization requiring nursing care

Reception desk period, reference

Reception desk period, Reception hours

Based on the situation of current new coronavirus infectious disease, we extend application reception desk period until Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

  • Reception desk period
    [before extension] From May 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020 (except Saturday, Sundays and holidays)
    [after the extension] From May 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 (except Saturday, Sundays and holidays)
  • Reception hours
    From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Application, reference

City of Yokohama, Housing and Architecture Bureau house part Municipal Housing section
It is 〒 231-0012 Aioicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi 3-56-1KDX Sekiuchi, Yokohama the fourth floor of the building (until June 19, 2020)
It is 〒 231-0005 6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi (the new city hall) the 24th floor (from June 22, 2020)

Phone number 045-671-2923

Fax: 045-641-2756

Instructions of use

The use start dates

  • It is the use start date after seven business days later from application reception desk day.
  • By the delivery notification which city issues after the permission, please pay the fee for use. We deliver key after the payment confirmation in designated administration office.

Instructions of use

  • As room is not provided with facilities such as screen door, curtain rail, mirror, intercom, ventilation fan, air-conditioner, gas ring, water heater, please attach necessary by each person.
  • Please obey rule of Municipal Housing in entering such as pet breeding prohibition.

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Telephone: 045-671-2923

Telephone: 045-671-2923

Fax: 045-641-2756

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