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Store collection

Last update date September 4, 2019

Please utilize store collection. We will push forward recycling of ... recyclable garbage

Store collection BOX (Ito-Yokado viewpoint shop)
Shooting cooperation: Ito-Yokado viewpoint shop

 In supermarkets in Yokohama-shi, there is store worked on store collection of recyclable garbage (milk pack, food tray, plastic bottle, can, bottle) positively.
 As collected recyclable garbage is used as resources again, please inflect.
 When we go for shopping, we put recyclable garbage to take out for store collection in my bag, and there are recycling and both shopping bag reduction returning to shop to returning if we put thing which did shopping in my bag.
 We will push forward reducing together!
 Please refer to each store for the details such as recyclable garbage or collection rule that become targeted for collection.

Io and mio with my background

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