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Charge such as policy coordination section investigation

Last update date December 1, 2020

Charge such as policy coordination section investigation is departments engaged in destruction by fire in factory, a series of refuse disposal processes until the last disposal from collection of garbage. Specifically, we manage progress of facility planning, plan of station made from scientific grounds of investigation, analysis and these periodical such as effluent gas, drainage or destruction by fire ash for the purpose of appropriate maintenances such as garbage destruction by fire factory or refuse landfill of Motoichi. In addition, we perform examination for research and facility improvement about prevention of pollution. On this homepage, we publish information about "environmental research result" and current refuse disposal including data of "garbage composition findings".

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Environmental research result

Garbage composition findings

As a result of having worked on classification, we investigated how garbage of Yokohama-shi changed.

Greenhouse gas reduction of Yokohama 3R dream plan

Information such as policy coordination section investigation for charge

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Charge such as Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau policy coordination department policy coordination section investigation

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Telephone: 045-742-3713

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