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[event was finished] WORLD FOOD NIGHT 2020

Last update date November 20, 2020

Event report

The first: For sustainable food production

The second: For starvation and malnourished cancellation

The third: For food loss reduction


The world food day when October 16 is "day to think about world food problem" that the United Nations set. What will there be to us about the issue of food such as food loss, starvation becoming problem all over the world?
As opportunity to get hint to wake up action for thought, solution to realize happiness to eat together, monthly 2020 holds online event "WORLD FOOD NIGHT 2020" of series three times on "the world food day".
As the third cosponsors City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau, please participate!

With world food day month

Monthly on "world food day"

Triggered by world food day of October 16, we think about the issue of starvation and food and are one month to act for solution together.
If monthly, it is said on "world food day", and joint, NGO/NPO, U.N. agency which usually work for starvation and solution to issue of food disseminate information of October with "world food day" in Japan from 2008.

The current situation of the issue of food

Though food of quantity that all people can eat is produced in the world, one of nine people is not eaten enough.
On the other hand, 1/3 of produced food is abandoned in the world.

We aim at reducing what we do and foods loss to "zero by starvation", but action of people that there is many to turn the world is necessary by 2030 with it is "sustainable development aim" (SDGs) aiming at solution to various problems such as poverty and difference, climate change.

The event details


<the first> Friday, October 2 from 19:00 to 20:00 [theme: for continuation possible food production]
<the second> Friday, October 9 from 19:00 to 20:00 [theme: for starvation and malnourished cancellation]
<the third> Friday, October 23 from 19:00 to 20:00 [theme: for food loss reduction] (the Yokohama-shi cosponsorship)

Held method

We carry out online using Zoom


Person (student, office worker, staff of NGO/NPO) who is interested in the issue of food loss and food

Entrance fee

Free of charge

The third program

Reporting about the 19:00-19:10 opening of a meeting, theme
19:10-19:35 example introduction (*3 eight minutes)
19:35-19:55 panel discussion, questions and answers
19:55₋20:00 summary, closing

List of people of the third going on the platform

・Hiroshi Igarashi
tvk communications media Division's deputy manager
Yokohama media business research institute (YMBL) coordinator
After the graduation from university, incumbent after experiencing secretary generals of two NPO corporations after the successive occupation in plan, business, general affairs section in private corporation. We are pushing on for people and person, person and town, activity to connect thing with with people.
In YMBL, we develop food loss reduction promotion business by City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau and collaboration. It cooperates with the government until now while making use of connection with area and company which we cultivated.

・Tatsuya Sekito
kuradashi president
It was born in Osaka for 1,971 years. 1995 general trading firm entering a company.
We establish kuradashi and take office as president to solve the issue of foods loss after experiencing strategic consulting company's executive vice-president in 2014. We start contribution to society type foods sharing platform "KURADASHI" service seven months before SDGs adoption. We donate a part of the sales to contribution to society activity group.
We win "the Minister of the Environment Prize" in "the sixth good life hour" hosted by Ministry of the Environment in 2018.
We win "Chairperson at screening committee Prize" with Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries support "the seventh food industry wasteful grand prix" in 2020.

・Ayaka Nomura
Doctoral degree course in Kyoto University Graduate School synthesis survival school completion doctor (the general arts and sciences) 
Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd. Corporate Sustainability Department charge
 Doctoral degree course in 2020 Kyoto University graduate school synthesis survival school completion, general academic doctor. We assume advisor observation main technique and study under the theme of food loss reduction. We are in charge of FAO and plan, administration of collaboration project after the internship completion in Kyoto University in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Rome headquarters. We carry out impact investigation of food loss reduction enlightenment activity which went on campus. We are in charge of Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd. Corporate Sustainability Department from October.


2020 monthly on "world food day"

The cosponsorship

City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau

Past event report

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