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The measurement situation of radiological density, air dose in landfill and garbage destruction by fire factory

Last update date December 25, 2020

Summary of radiation measures

In Yokohama-shi, we perform radiation measures in landfill and destruction by fire factory until now.
Radioactive material is not detected by drainage in landfill, and air dose is at the same level as result of a measurement of other points in the city, too.

Result of a measurement

In Yokohama-shi, we measure radiological density such as inflow water of landfill operating now in the city, discharge water for safe confirmation.
In addition, air dose measures about Minamihonmoku landfill (site border).


  • All the circumference of Minamihonmoku landfill is surrounded by building a breakwater with impermeable function, and it is in structure that inland waters of disposal ground does not leak. From inflow water and discharge water in drainage handling of Minamihonmoku landfill facility to treat inland waters appropriately, radioactive material is not detected since start of measurement.
  • As "the non-detection" of radiological density continued since start of measurement about Shinmeidai disposal place, we finished investigation in 2015.

Garbage destruction by fire factory

  • As "the non-detection" of radiological density continued about effluent gas, agglomeration deposition sludge, reuse water and discharge water, we finished investigation in March, 2017.
  • Because we continued the radiological density of destruction by fire ash which occurred in garbage destruction by fire factory and were less than 100Bq/kg (as for the inning standard that country showed 8,000Bq/kg), we put together with air dose in destruction by fire factory (hihaitokorisakugyojoshofukin) and finished the measurement in March, 2019.

※Cs-134, the fixed-quantity lower limit level of Cs-137 assume 20Bq/kg. In addition, in the case of less than fixed-quantity lower limit level, we add up each value as 0Bq/kg.


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