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[danger] Please never mix product with a built-in charge-type battery with containers and packaging made of plastic!

Last update date March 16, 2020

Smoke, ignition trouble considered to be caused by lithium ion battery occurs in succession in recycling factory

Ignition troubles in recycling factory which occurs by electronic equipment including lithium ion battery such as mobile battery, heating-type cigarette, battery of electronic equipment being exhausted by containers and packaging made of plastic increase.
Lithium ion battery may contain liquid which is easy to burn inside, and it is said that ignition risk is particularly high.
[reference] Smoke, ignition trouble (report by Japan Containers and Packaging Recycling Association) to be caused by ignition thing such as lithium ion battery (the outside site)

Right discharge methods of charge type battery such as lithium ion battery?

To rechargeable battery recycling box

Give charge-type battery in rechargeable battery recycling box which JBRC (the outside site) sets up.
Collection box is installed in collection cooperation shop including electronics retail store and home center.
In addition, we install box in the city hall and each ward synthesis government building, collection office and collect from the end of November, 2019.
I would like your cooperation to right discharge.
In addition, you can provide as small household appliances when you cannot remove battery about product with a built-in battery.
It is this about small household appliances collection
It is this about small household appliances collection box setting place

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