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Reference about local town development

Last update date June 5, 2020

In Urban Development Bureau, we are in charge about local town development according to the areas.
In addition, we are consulted in each ward office and put.

Consultation, reference about report of rule

Local town development rule
City planning (>>Reference according to district)
Town planning discussion district (>>Reference according to district)
・Scenery plan, cityscape discussion district (>>Reference according to district)

・It is based on the local town development promotion regulations
Local town development group, local town development organization, local town development rule, local town development plan
(as for the list of departments in charge of authorized area town development rule plan, this (PDF look at 77KB))
・City planning, agreement on building standards, scenery, city planning master plan district plan
・City planning suggestion system, local town development support system
・Report (please refer to window of ※ Urban Development Bureau or Aoba Ward.) of local town development rule

List of departments in charge
District Urban Development Bureau (city hall main government building the 29th floor)
The making of rule consultation center of town
Post in charge Phone number
The capital

Kannai, Seki periphery side

The downtown area reproduction section 671-2673
The Shin-Yokohama downtown area 671-3858
Around Yokohama Station 671-2693
Around Higashikanagawa Keihin seaside department
Minato Mirai 21 district Minato Mirai 21 promotion section 671-3516
The capital
The outside
Aoba Ward Aoba Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division (the Aoba Ward government office) 978-2217
District except the above Local town development section
(rule plan charge)

※ Yokohama City Hall main government building moved to the following Address.

  〒231-0005 6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi

Each ward list
The making of rule consultation corner of each ward office Ward Administration Promotion Division-cho
The ward name Phone number The ward name Phone number
Tsurumi Ward 510-1676 Kanazawa Ward 788-7729
Kanagawa Ward 411-7028 Kohoku Ward 540-2229
Nishi Ward 320-8329 Midori Ward 930-2217
Naka Ward 224-8129 Aoba Ward 978-2217
Minami Ward 341-1232 Tsuzuki Ward   948-2227
Konan Ward 847-8327 Totsuka Ward 866-8326
Hodogaya Ward 334-6374 Sakae Ward 894-8331
Asahi Ward 954-6026 Izumi Ward 800-2332
Isogo Ward 750-2331 Seya Ward 367-5631

Consultation, reference about various systems

Systems of local town development
Post in chargePhone number
Local town development section (system charge)671-2696, 671-2939

Yokohama citizen town building business
Post in chargePhone number
Local town development section (system charge)671-2679

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Telephone: 045-671-2939

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