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Maintenance business such as excellent buildings

We plan cooperation of subdivided site in built-up area and use of altitude of land and secure open space accessible to anyone and are system that Yokohama-shi supports for maintenance such as buildings contributing to the good city area formation. It is any business not to need procedure based on Urban Redevelopment Law.

Last update date February 22, 2019

Prediction areas

Requirements of sites

  • More than two rightful claimants using site jointly, and performing business (what we include in site that shares narrow land less than 200 square meters or land which is non-forming in the enforcement district when rightful claimants are two people
  • The areas of the enforcement area being 1,000 square meters or more
  • Secure vacant land above a certain level in site
  • Plottage being 500 square meters or more
  • Site contacting with road where is beyond 6 meters of width 4 meters or more
  • There is building on conventional site. But land made substitute lot by land readjustment project or area where city planning was fixed for is not this limit.

Requirements of building

  • Building being on the third floor or above, and being fire-resistant structure
  • Trouble not producing corridor of building and stairs in traffic such as elderly people
  • Use except house not having fear to adversely affect neighboring environment
  • Form, colors such as buildings not becoming remarkably out of harmony with neighboring sceneries

Main support contents

Subsidy is issued for a part of the expense required for the following.

  • Investigation into building designs design plan
  • Land maintenance such as building removing
  • Kyodo Shisetsu maintenance of vacant land, passage

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Telephone: 045-671-2695

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