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Maintenance, update plan of Urban Development Bureau jurisdiction facility

Based on Yokohama-shi public facilities management basic policy, we devised maintenance, update plan of Urban Development Bureau jurisdiction facility.

Last update date June 1, 2020

Jurisdiction facility maintenance, update plan (March, 2020 City of Yokohama, Urban Development Bureau)

 In Yokohama-shi, we fixed "Yokohama-shi public facilities management basic policy" to place update as infrastructure extension of life basic plan of country for the purpose of effective thing that we carried out effectively in 2014 for maintenance maintenance of public facilities, and each station devised action plan to suffer from jurisdiction facility.
 We chose facility which had premeditated maintenance, need to carry out approach of update from the viewpoint of safety, economy and importance in Urban Development Bureau in October, 2017 and, based on that, devised approaches such as diagnosis, repair, update as Urban Development Bureau jurisdiction facility maintenance, update plan (execution plan).
 Execution plan which we devised assumed "the first common matter" "the second elevator", but added "individual facility except the third elevator" newly in March, 2020.
 We announce this plan by to expand opportunity of talks with citizens, plan increase of understanding such as citizens about importance of approach of maintenance, update of public facilities based on Yokohama-shi public facilities management basic policy.

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