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Page about "Yokohama city planning vision"

Last update date March 19, 2020

"Yokohama city planning vision
Compass - to do living and Yokohama of ... individual wealthily"

We started city planning team in agency in 1971, and Yokohama-shi worked on city planning soon for half a century. City planning of Yokohama assumed "realization of human city with charm and individuality" idea and, from town development of civic collaboration including maintenance of symbol tree by area, gave much result such as bay bridge and promenade, creation of hydrophilic open space, maintenance of landmark architecture.
Inspection, readjustment does past approach examples so that individual livings and Yokohama become richer while individual livings and situation to be placed in of Yokohama become complicated and various, and Yokohama city planning vision gathers important way of thinking that should share viewpoint or value and thing that city planning administration should work on in future.
We share this vision with many people, and city planning will aim at what is worked on routinely in various scenes including individual activities and town development in future.
(April 20, 2015 development)

□The basics of city planning of Chapter 1 Yokohama
□Viewpoint to Chapter 2 city
□Value to share Chapter 3
□Chapter 4 how to work on
□Approach of Chapter 5 city planning administration
□The other chapter scenery sketchbook
□Information about city planning introductions of appendix Yokohama

★You can download the main story of "Yokohama city planning vision" and data for outline than this.

>The main story of Yokohama city planning vision
[PDF]The main story of Yokohama city planning vision: With the A4 length 99 pages cover text color (PDF: 20,047KB) "September 8, 2015]
>The main story of Yokohama city planning vision English version (English ver.)
[PDF]The main story of Yokohama city planning vision English version: With the A4 length 99 pages cover text color (PDF: 17,466KB) [April 5, 2016]
※As for these data, Japan and Britain cuts down on resolution for reading on web together.

>Yokohama city planning vision outline version (Japanese)
[PDF]Yokohama city planning vision outline version: A4 20 pages cover color text black and white (PDF: 6,438KB) [September 8, 2015]

※ About the handling in citizen's information center

You can purchase at citizen's information center on main government building the first floor.
 ※We move to new city hall the third floor from Monday, May 18, 2020.

★About until "Yokohama city planning vision" development

Please see this page about civic opinion offers that we carried out in "Yokohama city planning vision" development.

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