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Profit of public space inflects

Using feels at ease and, in addition to original function, public space of road, park, harbor green tract of land enjoys the place and does with space that can rest, and adjusts profit to characteristic every place about place where it is demanded from utilizing from stage of design to be easy to utilize correct profit. In addition, profit examines the making of structure of utilizing with local people and forms attractive space through social experiments after maintenance was done.

Last update date July 20, 2020

About profit live ⽤ of public space corresponding to new coronavirus (general information)

As emergency measures for ⽀ en to do all of the in ⾷ shops affected by new coronavirus infectious disease "is "3 dense no evasion" and new ⽣ katsu in Yokohama-shi
About profit live ⽤ of public space corresponding to fixation of style, there is ⾏ by the temporary handling.

Nihon Odori Avenue

In the redevelopment widening the sidewalk performed in 2002, gingko nut row of trees which is symbol becomes more attractive and, in harmony with landmark architecture of roadside, is designed as avenue fun on foot.
In addition, we form bustle that we cooperate with local organization in the widened sidewalk part and make structure which can realize opening cafe, and there was in Nihon Odori Avenue with personality.

Nihon Odori Avenue activation Committee HP (the outside site)

Nihon Odori Avenue photograph

Toyoko Line abolished line ruins promenade

In Toukyu Toyoko Line abolished line ruins (Yokohama Station - Sakuragicho Station interval), graded maintenance, service is performed as "pedestrian precinct". On 16th, maintenance of part (the neighborhood of Sakuragicho Station West Exit open space - Momijizaka intersection) including high shelf was completed for the first time in July, 2019 and became in-service start.
The place concerned is promenade to tie between stations and hides possibility that attractive space that there is not elsewhere is formed located at the place caught in different town of individuality called Minato Mirai area and Noge, Tobe area.
We perform experimental event mainly on service part several times to do of the main constituent utilizing necessary condition rearranging and profit toward inflecting and maintenance of undevelopment section and, toward new attractive walker space of city, reflect future profit for examination of plan to utilize profit that undevelopment section included.

Toyoko Line ruins promenade utilization experiment

Toyoko abolished line ruins promenade photograph

Around Minato Odori Avenue and Yokohama Culture Gymnasium road

As for Kannai, the Kangai-District, ⽴ place of ⼤ scale facility for realization of "international university-industry research collaboration" "sightseeing, pulling in customers" spreads out, and further bustle creation of district by increase of person of next town is expected.
We narrow ⾞ way and expand authority of ho ⾏ person, ⾃ change ⾞ ⾏ space and ⾏ i is safe in redevelopment of existing road space that stood on the endori ⽤ situation and, on "Minato Odori Avenue and Yokohama Culture Gymnasium outskirts road" running through Kannai, Kangai-District, will plan reinforcement, expansion of person of comfortable ho ⾏ network with bustle in future.
In addition, profit of the widened sidewalk space examines inflecting while performing social experiments on maintenance.

About Minato Odori Avenue and redevelopment of Yokohama Culture Gymnasium outskirts road (Road and Highway Bureau HP)

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