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Light-up (night view direction)

Last update date February 1, 2019

In various municipal facilities, we perform night view direction (light-up) by night light, and landmark architectures forming individual scenery of Yokohama emphasize charm of the night view to citizen, tourist and are intended that we plan activation of town of Yokohama.
We established "Yokohama night view direction business promotion meeting (the end of 2016 (Heisei 26) dissolution))" in 1986 (Showa 61) to promote with citizen about light-up in cooperation with company, and conduct of projection of the light experiment that cooperated with various events and permanent construction of floodlight went ahead through making and promoted light-ups of about 50 facilities of opening of a port memory Hall (Jack), Yokohama Customs House (the queen), Kanagawa prefectural office (King), Nippon Yusen Yokohama Building so far.

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