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[the end of the offer] Yokohama-shi SDGs biz support subsidy

We cope with new way of living to support challenge of all of local problems leading to solution and carry out "SDGs biz support subsidy" assisting operating cost that is necessary for new approach to advance towards the future. We decided grant eligible people on September 30.

Last update date October 6, 2020


Grant eligible people

  • Commerce, company, group which performed the corporation registration where we put office in Yokohama-shi
  • Main office is sole proprietor in the city

Target business

  • Approach (business) that fixed its eyes on the future to be connected for the achievement of 17 goals where local problem solution and SDGs corresponding to new way of living to assume the Yokohama city prediction areas mainly raised

Supporting rate, supporting limit

  • Supporting rate: Less than a half of supporting target expense
  • Supporting limit: Up to 2 million yen

As subsidy grant includes condition, please apply for "confirmation matter before application" after reading by all means.

Application reception desk period [we raised and were finished]

From Wednesday, July 15, 2020 to Monday, August 31, 2020

In the case of mail, postmark is effective on August 31. In window in the case of bringing until August 31 16:00

Target expense

Expense to be necessary directly on carrying out business


Grant determination of subsidy

List of supporting eligible people (PDF: 216KB)

Professional staff of Yokohama SDGs Design Center supports application!

  • Consultation about planning of business: From assembling of business to submission, we think together
  • Form advice such as application documents: We answer at various ignorance point including mention method and submission documents
When you have a problem with application, please consult with Design Center by all means. Basically by email please let know.
※On consultation, Yokohama SDGs Design Center asks for subscribing (free). (the staff informs of the details)

★We can acquire SDGs certification system (tentative name) of Yokohama-shi! (plan)
Based on the certification standard that country and Yokohama-shi set, it is system that company, group with intention to contribute to achievement of SDGs can acquire "the certification". (going to carry out in August)

With Yokohama SDGs Design Center

 It is goal-directed practice-shaped middle supporting group that oneself predominates aiming at realization of SDGs city of the future, Yokohama and works on problem solution by cooperation with all of you. By having you become member, can utilize various services including various consultation about SDGs and matching support.
 For more details, please see Yokohama SDGs Design Center homepage ( (outside site)).

Application, reference

Yokohama SDGs Design Center

Best Yuuraku building 3F in 3-35, Onoecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Yokohama
TEL: 050-3746-6658, 050-3740-9729 E-mail:[email protected]
HP ( (outside site))
Reception hours: 10:00-16:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays)

Lists such as summary, style 

Yokohama-shi SDGs biz support subsidy grant summary (PDF: 299KB)

SDGs biz support subsidy grant application (the first style) (word: 26KB)
SDGs biz support subsidy conduct plan (No. 2 style) (word: 28KB)
Officers full name table (No. 3 style) (word: 25KB)
Tax-free confirmation written consent (No. 4 style) (word: 24KB)
SDGs biz support subsidy paying by rough estimate bill (No. 7 style) (word: 25KB)
SDGs biz support subsidy results report (No. 12 style) (word: 32KB)
SDGs biz support subsidy change approval application (No. 8 style) (word: 24KB)

SDGs biz support subsidy grant application withdrawal application (No. 11 style) (word: 23KB)

Approach (word: 16KB) about work-life balance

Confirmation matter before application
Offer guidance, instructions (PDF: 1,117KB) of quotation
Entry example (PDF: 528KB)

FAQs (PDF: 527KB)

※On August 13, we added content to "offer guidance, instructions of quotation".

Documents which are necessary at the time of application

※We added "approach about work-life balance" on August 13.

Please keep thing which copied application documents at hand.
 CorporationSole proprietor
SDGs biz support subsidy grant application (the first style)* Need* Need
SDGs biz support subsidy conduct plan (No. 2 style)* Need* Need
Officers full name table (No. 3 style)* Need* Need

Copy of tax payment certificate of corporation municipal tax, office tax, property tax and urban planning tax
(for latest one year)

* NeedX unnecessary

Copy of tax payment certificate of inhabitants' tax
(for latest one year)

X unnecessary* Need

Tax-free confirmation written consent (No. 4 style)

(when there is tax-free subject in office tax, property tax, the urban planning tax)

※Only as for the applicable person

(when there is pertinence)

X unnecessary

Copy of all the history matters certificate
(from issuance less than three months)

* NeedX unnecessary

Documents which can confirm that office is the city

※Only as for the applicable person
(the head office in the case of the suburbs)

* Need

Copy of documents (※) which breakdowns of expense such as quotations understand

* Need

* Need
   Approach about work-life balance* Need* Need

※But the next documents are necessary when one amount of money becomes more than 1 million yen when we perform contract of construction, the purchase of article, trust of duties.

  • Copy of quotations which we collected from the more than two city companies
  • Documents (from issuance copy of copying of all corporation register certified copy (history matters certificate) within three months or Yokohama-shi public competitive bidding qualified person list) which prove that the collection other party of estimate is the city company

[when we cannot collect quotation from the more than two city companies]

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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